Most of the time, when it comes to remakes, we want nothing more than for studio suits to keep their grubby little hands off our childhood. This is not one of those times.

Fox today released its second trailer for The A-Team, and from the looks of it, when the would-be blockbuster is released June 11, there's gonna be something for everybody. (And yeah, we're aware of today's date: Rest assured, Rick Astley is nowhere to be seen.)

Massive explosions? Check. Liam Neeson with a cigar? Check. Cheeky recall of classic '80s theme song? Check. Shirtless beefcake poses from Bradley Cooper interspersed with hot babe shots of Jessica Biel? Double check. And we pity the fool who messes with the Mr. T-channeling Rampage Jackson.

This just got exciting? You're telling us, voice-over guy. We love it when a trailer comes together.


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