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Dear Tina Fey,

If you need someone to play me on 30 Rock, you should totally cast—who else?—me!

And not just because my company Kabletown Comcast bought your company  Sheinhardt Wig Company NBC. 

You see, an upcoming storyline on the hit comedy series was apparently inspired by a writeup I did in my column about Cheyenne Jackson, the babelicious Broadway star who plays TGS castmember Danny Blake...

It all started last year when I asked Jackson, who had just been cast on the show, if he was looking forward to seeing Alec Baldwin's naked butt shot in the movie It's Complicated.

"I'd look at that," Jackson told me. "Alec Baldwin is incredibly sexy. He's an alpha male." He went onto explain that he had a "talent crush" on A.B.

Well, fast-forward to today.

Jackson complains in the new issue of Canadian gay magazine Fab that I not only asked him a "trick question," but my headline read, "Gay 30 Rock Cast Member Wants to See Alec Baldwin Naked."

According to Fab, "Jackson later told the anecdote to Tina Fey, who weaved the concept into an upcoming episode." (Hmmm, wonder if it has something to do with the bromance between Danny and Jack?)

In the spirit of any press is good press, I'd like to thank Mr. Jackson for the shoutout. However, my headline did not identify him as "Gay." I simply referred to him as "30 Rock's New Guy." Nor did I ask him the question just because he's gay. I would have done the same with any of his costars—male, female, gay, straight, etc.

As for how I conducted the interview, I truly believe there are no trick questions—just smart answers.

Tina, call me! (My number is listed in the Kabletown Comcast directory.)


Speaking of gay celebs, you really should watch today's Gossip Guru videoblog.

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