Lindsay Lohan, Twitter; Charley Gallay/Getty Images

We knew it was only a matter of time.

Lindsay Lohan wasn't really going to let her father get away with talking all doom and gloom about her. We were just waiting for her to fire back with some doozies on Twitter.

She didn't disappoint.

After the actress spent her evening at the taping for American Idol and checking out VV Brown at a Star magazine party, she let her fingers do the talking. It was sometime around 4:30 a.m. PT, so there's no telling how tired or whatever she was when she wrote her four-tweet opus.

"Someone, which I've mentioned in the past, fell back into the person they used to be when they'd verbally & psychically abused & hurt me...

"It reminded me of when my father would verbally/literally HURT my mother, brothers, sister Aliana," she continues. "Now, as scary for me-->mind, body&sould- it's been, why, i ask u? why me? i've worked so hard, and still work so hard in life-i try to do as fmuch as i can to put my fathers lack of appreciation-towards his family, friends, co-workers, dhioner towards himself , his denituy...."

She lost us there, too. We might have to call Courtney Love to translate.

You won't find the tweets on her Twitter page—Lindsay deleted them nearly an hour after they posted.

Good thing we preserved screengrabs of them before they disappeared.

View Lindsay's tweets

(Originally published April 1, 2010, at 6:58 a.m. PT)


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