Sandra Bullock Makes a House Call in Hollywood

Actress' Mercedes-Benz spotted in the Hills after a visit to a friend

By Natalie Finn, Ashley Fultz Apr 01, 2010 2:55 AMTags

Thar she goes!

A Mercedes-Benz carrying Sandra Bullock, who hasn't been seen in public since reportedly moving out of the Orange County home she'd been sharing with Herr Husband, was spotted Wednesday evening in the Hollywood Hills.

E! News has learned that the actress was leaving the home of Beverly Hills-based investment manager and longtime Bullock family friend Gabriel Brener.

But though the paparazzi were out in force, no one got a clear shot of the Blind Side star as she deftly avoided the flashbulbs and settled into the Benz's backseat.

"Everyone was crowding around the car and being very aggressive," an eyewitness tells E! News. "The car even went back inside of the gate at one point because they couldn't leave without hitting the paps."

This probably isn't the way Bullock planned to celebrate her Oscar win...

GEVA JSGS/GSI Media, Hector Vallenilla/

The 45-year-old star has been left unable, P.R.-wise, to sit for interviews or even go out in public in the wake of reports that hubby Jesse James philandered Tiger-style and, even more bizarrely perhaps, once posed for photos while making the Nazi salute and miming a Hitler mustache.

James' rep revealed yesterday that the Monster Garage star has checked into a treatment facility to deal with "personal issues," and TMZ placed the motorcycle builder on his way to Tuscon, Ariz. (where we hear there are places to rehab) last week.

But at least Bullock is in the company of friends.

Gabriel Brener and his family were guests at Bullock and James' 2005 wedding, and Bullock has been friends with the Brener International Group founder for years.

—Additional reporting by Daniel Ramos


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