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Dear Ted:
It seems that stars like Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens are pretty down-to-earth and cool. Are they actually as sweet as they seem? I think there has to be something there that Vanessa and Zac manage to keep a high-profile romance pretty under wraps.

Dear Mickey Mouse Club:
Sure, all the girls you mentioned are pretty sweet—tho, V.H. has a splash of diva mixed in—but Disney definitely amps that saccharine stuff up to their benefit. Especially with Miley distancing herself from her Disney roots, the company seems to be pushing supersmiley and never controversial teens—à la Demi and Joe.

Dear Ted:
It goes without saying that the Jackles duo, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are the best of friends at the very least, but what about their ladies, Danneel Harris and Genevieve Cortese? It used to be that these two were almost as chummy as their guys, what with sharing clothes and hanging out either with or without their more famous S.O.s. Now it seems like girl times are over, and even when there's an event that should be an opportunity for the couples to get together, if one woman is there the other is conspicuously absent. Is this just a coincidence or have the two women developed an aversion to being in the same room together? And if that's so, why, and more importantly how are Jackles going to manage any bonding of their own if they can't send the girls off to keep each other company while they do it?

Dear Disappearing Danneel:
Besides the announcement that she'll be donning scrubs to play a doctor in a sexy new TV show, D.H. has kind of been off the radar, huh? Do you think Jensen told her to shut the hell up? Hopefully not—love how much the babe blabs!

Dear Ted:
Regarding your last B.V., could Jimmy Fallon be Moisty Mohr? I certainly hope he's not, because he's made such a great name for himself from SNL to having his own show.

Dear Breathe Easy:
Jimmy Fallon is practically an Adonis compared to super-icky M2. Right bod type, though.

Dear Ted:
How is Kim Kardashian? I'm worried about her taking on all this work after the breakup with Reggie Bush. All these rumors started saying that Reggie cheated on Kim, and that she wanted to get married but he wasn't ready. She might be smiling in paparazzi photos, but I just have a feeling that she's not. Any insight? If he doesn't want to marry her, then why doesn't she move on?

Dear Working Woman:
K2 has always handled her breakups with Reg the same way: by throwing herself into her work. And, hey—it seems to be working for the curvy babe. Not only does she take her mind off her on-again, off-again dude, but she's building quite the empire for herself. And she probably won't have to frown for long—the two are always reuniting.

Dear Ted:
Do you remember when Sandra Bullock gave her acceptance speech at the Oscars? I believe she mentioned something about how her mother taught her to love everyone and be tolerant of others no matter their race or sexual orientation. Do you think that little message was directed at Jesse? After the pictures of Jesse and Bombshell McGee in S.S. garb, I wonder.

Dear Subliminal Messages:
Whether it was meant for J2 or not, he should have listened up. The jackass claims the pictures were taken as a joke, and it doesn't surprise me that he's so stupid he would don Nazi gear for "shock value" alone. I mean, he was also stupid enough to cheat on Sandy with some tattooed skank.

Dear Ted:
Since Summit is seemingly controlling the professional lives of Robsten, as in they seem to be distributing every movie that they are attached to, is it possible that they are controlling their personal lives as well just like the studios did in the '50s? Having your two lead actors dating in real life only feeds the frenzy, doesn't it? More frenzy equals more ticket sales. BTW, I am the proud "mommy" of four rescue kitties. Thank you!

Dear Overpowering:
I wouldn't say Summit is controlling every factor of Rob and Kristen's lives, but they are definitely quick to give their opinion. But don't worry, while R.Pattz and K.Stew listen to the career advice, they're smart kids and definitely think for themselves—which might be why the studio worries about their rebellious side.

Dear Ted:
This is not a question, just a shout-out to you and my fave DWTS contestant. First, it's so cool what you're doing for the animal rescue movement. I think it is absolutely hilarious that people are telling you about their rescue attempts to curry favor in your answering their B.V. and other questions. You will never know what an impact you've made, but I'm guessing it is large, Marge. Second, I love Niecey Nash! She's a queen-size sexpot, and such an inspiration on Clean House. She's funny and fun, and the only reason I will be tuning in this season. As a big gal myself, I'm proud to watch her do her thang with dignity and grace and style!

Dear Shout-Out:
Just trying to do my part—Charlie and Margo Casablanca have been so good to me, I've got to help out their four-legged bros and sisses. As for N2, she's definitely a hoot—but do you think she's making enough of a splash to possibly nab the dancing title? I think there are too many bigger names overshadowing her.

Dear Ted:
Can you please resolve a conflict that me and my sister are having. We were at the airport and we saw Halle Berry because she was taking the same flight as we were. While we were all waiting for the flight, my sister told me to take a picture and ask for an autograph, but I didn't want to because she was with her daughter and no one else was going up to her asking for autographs or pictures, granted there were murmurs on the plane about how Halle was on the flight—but that was about all that happened. Please inform me on the proper way to handle seeing a celebrity at an airport, I say we should let them be because they get enough from the paparazzi, but my sister says otherwise.

Dear Publicly Correct:
There's no definite rules for celeb encounters in everyday life. Sure, it'd be nice to let H.B. and the like fly under the radar and enjoy some downtime with their fam, but I'm sure she wouldn't be offended if you asked for a quick pic. She's so successful because of fans like you, no?

Dear Ted:
Oy! A question on Mr. Jackie Bouffant. Is he a "steady beard" or "parade of bearded ladies" type of closet case? My twin rescued kitties Glinda and Elphaba say "meow!" which I think means "We totally love your column!"

Dear Big-Hair Query:
Thanks! And Jackie has patience only for one beard—his regular. And the babe's gotten so much PR outta the fake hookup, she couldn't care less she's not gettin' any action. Strange breed, these Hollywood types, huh?

Dear Ted:
Love you! Love Robsten! I read that Water for Elephants is set to start shooting in L.A. in May, and with R.P. attached to it, do you think there's a chance we might get some Robsten goodness before they start the Eclipse press tour in June, or is that too much to hope for?

Dear Scheduling:
We can definitely hope, right? With Kristen house-hunting in the area, maybe the paps will catch Rob sneaking in and out of her new place.

Dear Ted:
A well-known movie reviewer just gave his opinion of Miley Cyrus as an actress, and said her performance was beyond putrid. Do screen tests no longer exist?

Dear Quality Check:
Whether Miley rocks the role or not—and we've heard varying reports on the matter—she'll sell movie tickets. And that's what studios look for. Period.


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