Blind Vice: Cruella’s Getting Nervous! (She Should)

Cruella St. Shackles is wondering if she’s going to get the Angelina Jolie treatment

By Ted Casablanca Apr 02, 2010 2:12 PMTags
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Isn't is just awful when the once-loyal employees of overly demanding celebs decide to spill the dirt they're asked to keep quiet? Yes, just terrible. Not!

At least not for us, right? You bet, baby. And last time we checked in on Cruella St. Shackles, the poor broad was in a tizzy about what to do with her hubby's druggin' and dude-diggin' ways. And as if that's not enough to keep a celebrity housewife in a tizzy, now Cruella's got more to fret about:

Just as Angelina Jolie must contend with that former bodyguard reportedly spilling about what a bitch she really is (such the shocker, huh?), now Ms. St. Shackles is concerned that one (or more) of her underpaid and overworked staffers is going to blab, too. With good reason.

"She is horrible to people who work for her," seethed a source deep inside Camp Cruella. "And she's always threatening them with lawsuits if they talk."

Indeed, Marky Sweet-Puss' bossy other half asks that her employees sign confidentiality agreements, but we know how often people pay attention to those babies in this town. Not always, thank heaven. And we're told C.S. is trembling right now because she knows she's pushed the overbearing card way too far.

"She really is overdoing it with the diva behavior," blabs the Cruella know-it-all. "She's a monster."

Jeez, a heathen who makes Angelina Jolie look like a be-yotch wannabe, is that what we've got goin' on here?

"And how," came the reply.

Oh, mercy, mercy, these Mommie Dearest types are just like Jesse James and Tiger Woods. They think nobody will ever know.

How wrong they are.

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