Top 9 Reality-TV Temper Tantrums

From Kate Gosselin to Joan Rivers and all the VH1 reality shows in between, a little (or big) whiny meltdown makes reality television worth watching

By Breanne L. Heldman, Bruna Nessif Mar 30, 2010 11:17 PMTags

Temper tantrums aren't just hissyfits thrown by children. They're the highlight of any good (or really not good) reality show.

From Kate Gosselin and Joan Rivers to the half-naked hotties on VH1, such pivotal moments come in all shapes and sizes, from whine-and-tear buffets to full-blown table throwing.

We can't help but love them all, so we've assembled our Top 9 Best Tantrums. And since the decisions were already so difficult we wanted to storm out of a room or slam a door, we're leaving our 10th choice in your capable hands.

It's just too bad we can't put some of these guys into a Supernanny-prescribed naughty corner.

Kate Gosselin on Dancing With the Stars: She may not have had the eight, but Kate was definitely plus a whole lotta things to say to her decorated dance partner Tony Dovolani last night. He may have been the one to call it quits, but Kate was the one streaming the tears and the disrespect. We just hope her kids weren't watching…

Kenley Collins on Project Runway: Crying and serious disrespect seeped into P.R.'s season five. After having already butted heads with Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia and even Tim Gunn, Kenley faced the results of her final runway challenge—the one that determined whether or not she would show at Bryant Park—with a giant chip on her shoulder. When asked to remove the belt from her "pink snake" "tight sausage" dress, she got insolent. "Ew, no, that's gross! I'm not doing that," she insisted as if she was asked to do something wildly inappropriate. "Kenley, in a very short time, you have managed to turn off your teammates and the judges because of your personality," Garcia said. "Your defensiveness borders on being obnoxious." Thankfully, she didn't throw a cat at the MarieClaire editor for that frankness.

Tyra Banks on America's Next Top Model: We knew Tyra was outspoken. It's not even a shock when she's loud. But Tyra yelling?! Apparently cracking jokes as your farewell to the others does not sit well with the host. As Tiffany Richardson said her farewells after being eliminated, Tyra accused her of seeing the show as one big joke. Richardson responds, "Looks are deceiving. I am hurt, but I can't change it." This sends Tyra off the deep end. "I have never in my life yelled at a girl like this! When my mom yells like this it's because she loves me!" Talk about tough love!

Brandi Ryan and Vanessa Romanelli on A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila: It's totally understandable that a couple of weeks after meeting someone, you'd fall so head over heels in love that you get a little, well, crazy. Right? As Tila debated who should get the final key (to her heart, awww), emotions were on edge. Brandi and Vanessa were already at each others' half-naked throats throughout the season, and now it was the end of the road. Tila gave the key to Brandi, which sent Vanessa on quite the tirade. Before Brandi could even accept the key, Vanessa lunged at her and the two went at it on the floor! It was all very classy and mature.

Teresa Guidice from The Real Housewives of New Jersey: During a nice dinner with the Housewives, we experienced a real "Jersey" moment as Danielle Staub came clean about some facts in a book written on her life. When Teresa looked for some clarification, Danielle let her know to pay attention. Mistake! That sets off the Italian pistol. Not-so-nice words were exchanged, along with glasses, eating utensils and food. After Teresa finished her rampage with the restaurant furniture—she flipped the table!—she reassured everyone that it was really no big thing. "They thought I was gonna deck her. I was fine—I was really fine. I just wanted to get my point across to her." Will it be the last table flip for this Housewife? After sharing that she and her hubby "really got it on" afterward, we doubt it.

Matsuflex on Tool Academy: Speaking of throwing things, the guys of Tool Academy really are quite the tempered athletes. While we debated nominating Big John from season two's various tosses of tables and beds, it was the inaugural season's runner-up who took our cake. When Mega calls a house meeting to talk about everyone saying he and his girl aren't really romantically involved, it was Matsu who tossed the fruit. "F--k this apple!" he shouted after Mega made his announcement. Then two bottles of water, the set and his shirt took the brunt of his nonsensical anger. In case you were wondering how this show is in a third season, here ya go.

Jenni "JWoWW" Farley and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino on Jersey Shore: The Jersey shore wasn't exactly the best place to find a gentleman, but even JWoWW expected a bit more chivalry from The Situation. It was late, she was drunk and she really needed an escort from the club back to their hotel room in Atlantic City. Surprise, surprise! Mike was too busy creepin' to be bothered. So what does she do? She throws a fit when he gets home and even hits him! While the instance may or may not have called for it, few would argue that the ab man had it coming.

Dustin Diamond on Celebrity Fit Club: When our favorite old school geek Dustin Diamond decided to shed some pounds, we didn't expect to see him be such a bully. He gets told he's wasting everybody's time and frankly, he's not going to take that mister! He will challenge you to physical combat! But when he turns the challenge over to former Marine Drill Sergeant Harvey Walden, it's a different story. Walden puts him back in his place by spitting F-bombs and telling the actor that he's "out of his part-time cartoon mind!" No bell is going to save you here, Screech.

Melissa and Joan Rivers on The Celebrity Apprentice: This list wouldn't be nearly complete without this mother-daughter freak-out. When Melissa gets fired, she storms out of the boardroom and refuses to participate in her final interview. Meanwhile, Joan puts on her coat to walk out on the show before spewing a fistful of nasty name-calling. Together, they call Brande Roderick and Annie Duke "whore pit vipers, scum, stupid and beyond white trash." And then Joan loses focus after Brande declares she's there to raise money for charity. "I don't want to hear this charity nonsense," she yells. Classic!

So there you have our Top 9 TV Temper Tantrums. We can't even begin to decide on what should be our 10. Should Dennis Rodman's drama on Celebrity Apprentice top the list, or should it be Jerri Manthey's exit from the Survivor All-Stars reunion special? Does a parental meltdown on Supernanny or Wife Swap call to you, or do you think skipping all the hysterical goodness born on The Real World, Road Rules and the R.W./R.R. Challenges is a severe oversight?

Don't just whine to your officemates! Hit the comments.


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