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By Kristin Dos Santos Mar 30, 2010 12:15 AMTags
Lost, The Last SupperABC/Bob D'Amico

Damn you, genius show!

I'm hearing of some heartbreaking twists coming up on Lost, and SPOILER ALERT: The biggest jaw-dropper ahead will leave you sobbing.

Wanna know the latest on Lost, Grey's, Chuck and other shows we love? And oh yeah, which one of my TV faves might be having a wee bebeh (that's baby talk for "baby") soonish? Here's the latest TV scoop...

Charles in Miami: What's the hot scoop on Demi Lovato on Grey's Anatomy? Is she replacing Katherine Heigl?


Well, she is moving in on Izzie's man Alex! OK, not really, but Demi and Justin Chambers are shooting a scene together tomorrow morning on the set of Grey's Anatomy, and guess which lucky schlub will be there to catch the action? Moi! Got questions for the Grey's peeps? Tweet them to me @kristinalert.

Monica: Kristin, thanks for the new Save One Show! I am all about saving Life Unexpected, but why won't you let us see the results?! I want to see how it's doing.
Time to vote in the comments: If you want to see how the results are stacking up, sound off below. And don't forget to vote!

Wendell in Tallahassee, Fla.: Lost scoop, please! Jorge Garcia told you a while ago that people will start "dropping like flies." Are there really going to be deaths? Who?
Yes, there will be. And no, you aren't gonna like it. I'm sniffling just thinking about what's to come as I write this! The deaths don't happen till closer to the very end, but there is a big shocker this week that is also very disturbing, involving a main Lostie's (a candidate's?) well-being. All that said, there's lots of awesome romantic stuff up ahead that will make your heart sing (honest! and it rocks), so fear not: They are candy-coating the pain with much more sugar than Mary Poppins' lame old spoonful.


Randy118: Kristin, are we to assume that Richard Alpert is not a candidate to replace Jacob? Why would Jacob entrust him to be his greatest ally/messenger but not make him a candidate?
According to Nestor Carbonell (Richard), we'll get those answers. "I can't say much," he tells me, "but clearly they're going to go into depth with that." 

Marco in St. George, Utah: Sayid was always my favorite character on Lost. Is it possible we'll get some sort of a happy ending for him?
Not on the island. Sayid is officially soulless—and Lost fans around the world let out a collective cry. Ever since his centric episode, it's clear nothing good will come of Sayid's future, but he soon makes a declaration that seals the deal. Fortunately, evil Un-Locke considers Sayid's inability to feel anything a good thing, saying, "It'll help you get through what's coming." Dun-dun-dun.

Kevin Perkins/Pedro Andrade, Pacificcoastnews.com

Candice in Devore Heights, Calif.: Are Marshall and Lily ever going to have that long-talked-about baby on How I Met Your Mother?
As a matter of fact, we just learned from a well-placed source that How I Met Your Mother will have a considerable amount of Marshall-Lily baby talk before the season is over—and no, that doesn't mean Jason Segal is going to being saying, "goo-goo, ga-ga." This is the real deal, folks!

Drew22: More HIMYM scoop, please!
When you see Neil Patrick Harris in the finale, you may piss yourself. Pretty outrageous costume alert, and it's not far off from Carrot Top after sticking his finger in a light socket! Legendary.

Jennie in Tulsa, Okla.: I can't get enough Cougar Town. Any fun stuff ahead?
Sheryl Crow
has Grayson "pursy whipped," according to Jules. Cougar Town's newest couple takes a turn for the cutesy this week, plumb with pet names and baby talk and—gasp—male purse-carrying! Suffice it to say, the rest of the gang has a field day with Grayson's new 'tude.

Patrick in Baltimore: Give me something about Ed O'Neill on Modern Family.
Besides the simple fact that he's totally awesome? Alright, fair enough. How's this: Jay and Phil (Ty Burrell) will go toe-to-toe for the coveted basketball coaching slot on Luke and Manny's team. Expect balls sparks to fly!

AP Photo / Gaas

Maureen in Boston: Give us some more Castle scoop, please. I need a Nathan Fillion fix.
Dana Delany
goes all badass in tonight's Castle and gives Beckett the boot from her own stalker-esque case. Luckily for us, Castle sticks by her side and gives his rundown of events to come—if he happened to be writing the story.

Joy in Cortland, N.Y.: Any Ugly Betty finale news?
Poor Amanda will lose someone or something near and dear to her, while Marc will encounter the end with this age-old question: Will he every find true love? We doubt the Powers That Be would leave him loveless!

Are we going to see Katherine on The Vampire Diaries anytime soon?
Those damn tomb vampires are going to keep infiltrating Mystic Falls and with Katherine out of the loop, Kelly Hu's Pearl is in control and is playing hardball with Damon. Either he quits supplying the town's anti-vamp council with vervain and joins her revolution or she won't lead him to the woman he claims to no longer love—which, for the record, we all know he still does.

Jessi in Newport Beach, Calif.: Thanks for the 90210 love a few weeks ago. I'm hooked, too! Anything good coming up for Silver and Teddy?
If by "good" you mean Teddy's superstar father (Ryan O'Neal) coming back into the picture and messing things up, then yes—sadly for this 90210 twosome. "There's going to be issues between my father and I and my father and Silver," Trevor Donovan tells us. "And Teddy trying to balance out his relationship with his tennis career."

Markie in Rhode Island: More 90210, please.
Annie's going to conduct a very damaging confession letter on her laptop, and while she don't have any reason to pass it along in the next few episodes, it might just come to light at an inconvenient time. Meanwhile, Ivy and Dixon will overcome their sadness over losing Liam and Silver by faux-coupling up themselves.

Jack Rowand / The CW

Linda in Alabama: Hope Life Unexpected wins Save One Show! What's happening in the last few episodes?
Better watch your back, Baze, because Math is coming for you. "Math crashes Baze's bar!" Austin Basis jokes of an upcoming storyline where Lux's friends get into some trouble after riffling through Open Bar. And, yes, this will lead to an issue between a father and his daughter's boyfriends. "The bar gets trashed and it's between Bug and Baze," Austin tells us.

Liz in Newark, N.J.: Damages has gotten sooo good! Got any scoop?
Tonight's Damages is not to be missed! Evidently: (1) Tom Shays (Tate Donovan) is not murdered; (2) some pay phones still work in New York City; (3) Tessa Marchetti's (Vanessa Ray) loyalty to the Tobins wavers; and (4) Patty's (Glenn Close) going to be fired from the Tobin case—while Ellen's (Rose Byrne) just going to be fired. At least she'll have more time to search for a saucy lady who might be her real mother (!) while her drug-dealing "dead to me" sister rots in jail. See, not to be missed.

Jordan from Chicago: I know you gave us scoop last week about the 100th episode of Bones, but could you please tell us more! Please!
Only because you said "please" twice. Well, this picture is worth a thousand words, wouldn't you say? What if I added that this intense moment does not take place during the flashback? Yep, this is a current showdown between Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel). Are they talking about eloping? Arguing about Team Puck versus Team Finn? Can't say, but I can promise it is a moment not to be missed.

Virginia in Pennsylvania: Do you know anything coming up on The Mentalist?
First, Thursday's episode airs in a special time slot, 9 p.m., so plan accordingly. It also marks the debut of True Blood's Aunjanue Ellis as the bigwig in charge of the CBI team. (Special note: Also on this week's Mentalist is another True Blood star, Kevin Alejandro.)

Matthew Imaging/Getty Images

Keira in Rhode Island: Keep the Neil Patrick Harris-Glee scoop coming.
As you wish! You know how How I Met Your Mother's always charming Barney Stinson can ramble on and on—and on and on—about his ladyloves? Well, take away the ladies and insert some Gleeks and the delicious Matthew Morrison, and you've got yourself NPH on Glee. "The whole cast of Glee and I have to give a monologue," he tells us of his episode. Wonder if Sue Sylvester is the recipient of the possible tongue-lashing.

Nathan in Queens, N.Y.: Chuck! Chuck! Chuck!
! It's bromance-a-palooza this week on Chuck when Casey, Awesome and Morgan unite to help the Chuckster win Sarah back. We doubt the mission will be a success—for now—but it's pretty fun to watch. Shaw (Brandon Routh), on the other hand, has been the face of overwhelming confidence throughout most of the season, but he'll soon be put to the ultimate challenge—facing his wife's killer.

Brandon in Maui: What's Morgan up to on Chuck?
After following his Benihana-dreamin' heart in last season's finale, then ending up as assistant manager of the Buy More, Morgan is going to start waning from his home-electronics-store gig once more.

Illana in Maine: Save Parenthood! Sorry, wrong article, but I just love this show. What's happening on it?
When Minka Kelly arrives as Max's new Asperger's aid on Parenthood, things take a rocky jealous turn for Kristina (Monica Potter) and Adam (Peter Krause). Can we just take a second to welcome Minka back to our television screens? We Friday Night Light fans have missed you so. And poor Julia (Erika Christensen). She's still trying to wiggle her way back into her daughter's life, this time by teaching Sydney a little self-defense. Hope this yields better results than those swim lessons.

Pete in Atlanta: I really like Project Runway this season and this week's promos are promising something crazy. Any hints?
Get ready to see Project Runway make history, because for the first time ever, someone is coming back after being ousted from the competition! Will it be outlandish Anthony, handsome Jesse or out-there Ping? We'll never tell, but get to guessing.


Breanne in West Virginia: Gimme some United States of Tara news, please.
Need another reason why Toni Collette is one of the greatest actresses of our time? Look no further than one of United States of Tara's more heartbreaking scenes to date, courtesy of…Buck?! The badass alter falls into some serious love with Joey Lauren Adams' Pammy, and a tearful breakup is ahead for both characters after Tara's family learns of their strange affair.

Maggie in Louisville, Ky.: Huge Nurse Jackie fan. But Eddie makes me so nervous. Please tell me he leaves Jackie and her family alone!
Gee, honey, I wish I could. But Eddie (Paul Schulze) will definitely be sticking around. He is, after all, a new pal of Kevin's (Dominic Fumusa). The two actually get closer. And this really pisses Jackie (Edie Falco) off. Another thing to irk Jackie? Dr. Cooper (Peter Facinelli) is gossiping about her…on Twitter.

—Additional reporting by Megan Masters, Jenna Mullins and Drusilla Moorhouse


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