Sarah Palin may not be the only member of everybody's favorite dysfunctional Alaskan family coming to your living room.

Levi Johnston is in Los Angeles this week shopping his own reality series—one that sounds like some bizarro coupling of Man vs. Wild and The Bachelor.

"Basically, the show is going to be about me and my closest guys, my son [Tripp], in Alaska, hunting, fishing, everything I like to do. Of course it's going to be about doing my thing," Johnston exclusively tells E! News.

"I haven't dated since [ex-fiancée] Bristol [Palin], so that is going to be in the show. It's going to be a part to fit—me looking for women in California, across the world. I've got to find one, take her back to Alaska and see if she can hang."

That sound you hear is the ladies forming a queue.

And how does Johnston think his show will compare to Sarah Palin's?

"I can't say it's going to be better than hers," he says. "At the end of the day, everybody, it is a competition to see the numbers, between Sarah and the Kardashians and whoever, that's the goal. I'm just going go out and do my thing and show people who I really am and the numbers will come."

So are we going to see some televised drama with Bristol?

Don't expect to see it in Technicolor or in real life. The Playgirl cover model says that despite the pair's battles over child support, there's no bad blood between him and his baby mama.

"[My] relationship [with Bristol] has gotten a lot better. We're building our friendship again—things are looking up. It's just making things easier for Tripp and for the both of us."

Reports that the series will be called Levi Johnston's Last Frontier are false, says his manager, Tank Jones. The destined-for-DVR gig has yet to be titled.

—Additional reporting by Lindsay Miller


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