Kids' Choice Gallery: Katy Perry Ready for Slime Time

Stars flock to Nickelodeon's 23rd annual awards show to get slimed, or just to be seen

By EOL Staff Mar 29, 2010 1:48 AMTags
Katy PerryKevin Mazur/KCA2010/Getty Images

It's a rite of passage that's so wrong and yet so right.

Of course we're talking about the annual green-slime-slinging spectacular known as the Kids' Choice Awards.

You can catch up with all the winners and such in our news roundup here, but we know it's really all about the stars who are orange-carpet ready, not to mention those who are ready for slime time, like Katy Perry, who was presented with a face full of goo while trying to present an award.

Of most pressing concern? Did Taylor Lautner get slimed? Click on through to find out.


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