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Dear Ted:
Can you clarify what you mean by Isabella and Connor Cruise loving the Tomkat life? Do they "hate" Nicole and Keith/love the attention they get being with Cruise and Holmes or are they so firmly entrenched in the ways of Scientology that they are not encouraged to be with their mother?

Dear Great Question:
Let’s just put it this way: Isabella and Connor finally noticed the majority of times they had outings with their mom, leagues of paparazzi just happened to be hanging out of every tree branch within sight. How did that happen? No idea myself, but they say kids are more intuitive than adults, right?

Dear Ted:
Just a concern. In your post about whether Sandra Bullock knew all along about Jesse James’ reprehensible behavior, you state that JJ should receive worse punishment than an ongoing beating, as suggested by SB in response to the alleged Elin/Tiger incident. I'm alarmed, because this could bring a terrible retaliation on a man who has children in his care. Not everyone knows you aren't being literal. You aren't, right? You do have power, and though many are deeply angry and saddened by JJ's behavior, we shouldn't incite or do violence against anyone or anything.

Dear Pro-Peace:
Thanks for the compliment, M, but, in reality, I don’t have that much power (nor do I desire it, contrary to popular belief) and it’s a good thing, too. Were it up to me, yes, men—or women, for that matter—who betray their partners so brutally deserve some pretty brutal karma back. And it doesn’t have to be the physical kind.

Dear Ted:
What is wrong with Taylor Swift? Didn't her mother teach her that hanging out with dirty boys like John Mayer will ruin her reputation? Is Ms. Taylor looking to be country's new bad girl to stay relevant?

Dear Concerned:
No notion in Taylor’s head is that designing, I assure you. Tay’s doing what we all do: gravitate towards the baddie. How long it’ll last is entirely up to Swift. What’s the matter, Pix, you’ve never kissed over on the dark side?

Dear Ted:
I totally love Sandy and I hope she will divorce that good-for-nothing douche, but, I have to wonder, with so many skanks coming out saying they cheated with Jesse, are they telling the truth? Or is he trying to pull a Tiger Woods?

Dear Admirably Justice-Minded:
Let’s just say it doesn’t look good for Jesse. As a rule, once Gloria Allred enters the picture, so, too, does the skank-on-the-stand.

Dear Ted:
Recently I was watching A Knights Tale and it made me start wondering about Heath Ledger, I'm guessing that he had a BV back in the day, is that right? Is it one that is ever talked about anymore?

Dear Ledger Patrol:
It involved both sex and drugs. It’ll probably be in the book.

Dear Ted:
Can I just ask, with all the Tiger Woods and now Jesse James mistresses coming forward, what even happened with David Boreanaz' scandal?

Dear No Angel:
Jeez, which one? The babes or the anger?

Dear Ted:
Here we go again. After reading about beautiful Orlando and Miranda fighting on the plane, I have to ask, "Are these two over yet?" They are getting tiresome.

Dear I’ll Co-Sign:
Not soon enough for my taste. Yours, too, obviously.

Dear Ted:
Mom of three rescue cats, all four of us love the goss. This may have been asked before: Do you suppose celebs themselves send messages and comment on stories anonymously?

Dear Nice Mommy:
Do stray cats like to hump?

Dear Ted:
Earlier this week, you emphasized that Taylor Swift hasn't "starred" in a Blind Vice. Has she played a supporting role in one? I'm not allowed to have animals here, so I don't have any rescue pets to pimp, but I've been reading you for years. Surely that still counts for something?

Dear Best Q. O’ the Day:
And how.
I think this is one reason why TS has gone danger-sniffing 'round the boys, as of late. Babe's tired of watching, not enjoying.

Dear Ted:
Is Roxy Couture and Stud-Bucket LeBeouf actually Sandra Bullock and Jessie James? The BV post had "blind" mentioned several times and I've recently read that Sandra had given advice (through an interview) to Elin regarding Tiger Woods.

Dear Unblinded:
Darling, I’m obvious, sometimes, but, I never write clues in neon. Nope, though as perfect as an answer that may appear to be, Sandy’s just not into skanky like her husband is.

Dear Ted:
You said that Reese and Jake's relationship ended quicker than expected, but who expected it to last longer? Can you elaborate for us?

Dear Nice Guys Get Screwed:
It was Jake. He was pretty impressed with how Reese changed things around (on her own accord). I wasn’t!

Dear Ted:
First time writing in, long time reader! Has Alex Skarsgård ever been a Blind Vice?

Dear Vampy Trampy:


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