Nicole Snooki Polizzi

Yes, we'll admit it: We miss Jersey Shore, and can't wait for the next season. Who doesn't love a good painful TV show?

After the first fisty season wrapped, the cast were everywhere promoting themselves, sometimes the show, too. But the guidos and guidettes have been pretty MIA lately, leaving us without our weekly fix of GTL.

Enter Snooki

Without current Jersey airings to entertain us, poor Snooks constantly gets flack for her skanky outfits and her love of tanning beds. Snooki's style is pretty eccentric, and she seems to be happiest in barely there tops with Uggs...which seems to be the norm in Seaside.

So, Snooks-deprived, we are forced to watch the hell-belle shooting her new commercial for Sunlove tanning lotion next to a hot pair of shoes. Hmmm. Makes us wonder: Would you do Snooki if she ditched her Uggs and was wearing these sexy heels?


Let's face it, we're all dying to give Snooki a makeover. In a dreamworld, we'd put her in a cute J.Crew outfit—no back cleavage allowed—and toss out her Uggs and horrific trucker hats.

But in reality, we appreciate the fact that Snooki marches to the beat of her own club music. She's indeed stuck to her not-so-L.A. style now that Jersey Shore has become a total phenomenon (unlike Kate Gosselin who totally looks like she's trying way too hard with her new look).

Gotta love that Snooks hasn't conformed like some of her reality-show peers. But she really should put these shoes on. Girl needs something killer besides her mouth.


Sick of Jersey Shore? Too bad! Prep yourself for season two in our Jersey Shore Hits Hollywood Gallery.

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