What. A. Prick. No, really.

She's survived drug addictions, tempestuous relationships and those parents, and somehow Lindsay Lohan is still standing. Or at least she was, up until her unfortunately caught-on-camera rumble with a cactus early this morning. (Yes, you sticklers, we know it was technically an agave.)

After spending some quality time in new hot spot Trousdale, LiLo made her way back to a Hollywood house party reportedly celebrating Christina Aguilera's record release (hence the high number of paps on scene) when things—namely, her sense of balance—went awry.

Blame the flashbulbs, blame the heels, blame the gardener or blame Lindsay—one way or another, she lost her footing and face-planted (literally) into the cactus.

It put the foe into foliage. And, no doubt, the aloe gel onto Lindsay.


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