Zach Braff to Fans: "Scrubs Is No More"

With no official answer in sight, the former Scrubs ringmaster announces an end while the scribes wait patiently in the wings

By Megan Masters Mar 23, 2010 8:26 PMTags
Zach BraffJohn Shearer/Getty Images

Breaking news from a reliable source: Scrubs is over.

Why do we believe this source? Because he just so happens to be Zach Braff himself, who just used his Facebooking skills to make a statement to fans of his own:

"Many of you have asked, so here it is," writes Zach, "it appears that 'New Scrubs', 'Scrubs 2.0', 'Scrubs with new kids', 'Scrubbier', 'Scrubs without JD' is no more. It was worth a try, but alas... it didn't work. zb"

So does that mean it's all said and done and Scrubs is officially canceled? Not so fast.

The show's mastermind Bill Lawrence tells us again today that while Scrubs "hasn't been canceled, we're all just assuming it's over."

ABC isn't commenting.

It's most likely that the Alphabet net is holding on to Scrubs for another month or two, just in case their development slate ends up so dire they need to hold on to Lawrence's laffer...which would probably happen right after the underworld freezes over.

Suffice to say, it would be the biggest shocker of the TV season if Scrubs did pop up on ABC's schedule for 2010-2011 when they announce it in May.

In the meantime, Scrubs writers posted this on their Twitter page last Thursday after the possible series finale aired the night before:

"We're going to close up this Twitter shortly, and pop back on if there's news for the future...Whatever happens in the future, we'll let you guys know. Thanks for watching & letting us have the best job in the world (after astronaut). ScrubsWriters out!"

When asked for comment, a rep for Donald Faison responded: "Donald is working on a new pilot right now and is unavailable to comment at this time."

That pilot is the CBS-Joel Silver pilot The Odds, a Vegas cop series in which Donald plays a lead homicide detective. It seems clear that the actors are moving on, so maybe the fans should, too? (One tear.)

Are you still clinging to hope that Scrubs lives or have you given up on another last-minute revival?


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