Michelle McGee

Courtesy: Angry White Girl

Michelle "Bombshell" McGee just "strives to excite not offend."

That's the word from her website, MichelleBombshell.com, which has just relaunched with a message to the haters and an explanation of those suddenly infamous Nazi-garb pics.

"The official website of Michelle Bombshell is A NO-NAZI ZONE!!!!! We do not support white supremacy or any racist bulls—t," reads a message from her webmaster.

"The Nazi pinup photos of Michelle were not for our official website and they would NEVER be published here. Over the years, Michelle has shot with many photographers with different concepts and ideas. In this case, hired as a professional model, she fell victim to a photographer's stupid idea, thanks a lot douche bag!"

But while Jesse James' alleged romp 'n' roller is trying to shirk responsibility for the photos, it's a case of too little, too late.

The owner of Angry White Boy Clothing has dropped McGee as a model for his Angry White Girl spinoff line due to the offending pics that surfaced in recent days.

"On Sunday morning I decided I had had enough of this and that's when I put the word out...A lot of people thought my clothing line was racist. There is nothing racist," Angry White Boy CEO Jimmy Ferrari tells E! News.

While McGee's sudden notoriety has boosted traffic to his website tenfold, sales started to plummet, he says, thanks to media outlets misrepresenting his business. As a result, he's been forced to sever ties with the tattoo temptress.

"So now with the tabloids connecting my clothing line with white supremacy...Now it's impossible for me to defend my line with all of Michelle's worldwide exposure," Ferrari adds.

"I cannot be associated with white supremacy and Nazism in any regard. I don't care what Michelle thinks or believes. I cannot have my clothing line be associated with that...I sent her a message on Facebook (about disassociating my line from her) and got no response."

Ferrari says he met McGee eight months ago via MySpace after seeing her on the cover of Tattoo magazine. The two struck up an Internet correspondence and he eventually persuaded her to pose in Angry White Girl stuff in exchange for free clothing.

The Angry White Boy guru acknowledged he has never actually met the accidental homewrecker, instead communicating with her mostly through Facebook messaging and then seeing some of her photos before making her the face of his Angry White Girl line.

Apparently he's never heard of due diligence.

Now, back that "photographer's stupid idea" that "she's victim to."

Bombshell, who was reportedly paid $30,000 for her In Touch confessional, was shot in Nazi garb, holding a gun and standing in front of a swastika.

Her ex-husband, San Diego tattoo parlor owner Ronald Modica (who is involved in a nasty custody fight with McGee), asserts in court papers that "Michelle has recently tattooed a huge swastika on her stomach," adding that one of her children "thinks it's funny that she makes the Nazi salute."

Read the declaration

In an attempt to restore her good name source of income, McGee's site proclaims that she "wants the world to know that we are focused on fun, high-end erotic photography that strives to excite not offend."

But her wares are definitely NSFW, so consider yourselves warned.

"That said," the blog message continues, "this site isn't for close-minded people who shouldn't be looking at tits and tats while at work anyway!"


Get even more caught up on McGee—and her multiple tats—in our exclusive gallery of private pics.

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