Nicky Hilton, Kyle Richards

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Obviously members of the fame-sucking Hilton fam are no strangers to the spotlight. So it's no surprise Kathy Hilton's sisters, Kim and Kyle, will be starring in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, a perfect role for these pampered princesses. 

Things seem to be working out well for the Hilton clan. After all, Paris has been keeping her outbursts sorta tame, and Nicky has restrained herself from marrying people at 2 a.m. in Vegas again.

So is everything perfect for this big, famous extended family?

Maybe not perfect, but Paris and Nicky's grandmother would be proud.

Kathy, Kim and Kyle's mother, Kathleen Dugan, acted as a stage-mom/marriage advocate for her girls—she went through multiple hubbies herself and wanted all of her girls to marry up and become stars...which they did. 

Clearly she passed down this gene to Kathy, who is often out with her daughters Paris and Nicky and their boyfriends and always multitasking. Mommy daring-est can pose for paparazzi and get to know her children's wealthy beaus—what a skill! Love it! (Disclaimer: K.H. once said my tops were "too tight," I've never gotten over it.)

Nicky has been hot and heavy with sexy 'n' scruffy DreamWorks heir David Katzenberg for years, while Paris has been shacking up with ex-Hills star Doug Reinhardt, who totally has that whole bad-boy-athlete vibe going for him.

So where did the wild Hiltons go? You know, the glory days when you could find Paris cramming Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears into her two-seater before jetting off into the night with her then blond sister in tow?

Perhaps it all has gone according to plan. Make yourself famous then infamous. Everyone knows who these darling Hilton sisters are, and as they mature, to shut the media up, new Hiltonites arrive into the spotlight.

Kim and Kyle's legend is on the ascent, to be sure, so just give it time before their daughters try and become the next Paris and Nicky wannabees while the heiresses themselves inch closer towards that aisle.

And although Pee won't be having a televised wedding (how tragic), we have a feeling that all of these Hilton girls are about to create some hype again with Bravo's hit show.

Are you prepared for a second wave of Hilton takeover?


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