Spoiler Chat: Look Who's…Walking?! Surprising Glee and Lost Scoop to Make You Happy

Exclusive scoop on what lies ahead for all the fan favorite shows

By Kristin Dos Santos Mar 22, 2010 11:30 PMTags
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Spoiler Alert: Sources on the set of Glee told me they saw a certain someone doing a certain something we've never seen before, and it is shocking!

Hint: It involves someone pictured above, and you might be able to figure it out based on the title above.

So what is going on? Could Glee really be doing something so drastic?! Also, wanna know some Lost scoop that will make some of you very happy? Here's the latest on that; plus, Grey's Anatomy, Fringe, Bones and The Office...

Heidi: What's the latest on Katherine Heigl leaving Grey's Anatomy? Does anyone else want off the show? Is Patrick Dempsey safe?

According to a reliable source—Patrick Dempsey himself—he's not going anywhere. We just ran into him at a party where he said, "Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere." McDreamsicle, we are taking you for your word! As for Katherine, I'm still hearing she will be leaving the series for good. Details are still being hammered out. Stay tuned.

Randall: When is your Save One Show campaign starting?
Soon. For those of you who don't know, this is your chance to vote for one show to save, and we make sure the network execs get the message before they decide their new fall schedules in the next two months. If you want to make sure your show is represented in the poll, holler below with who you're nominating as a contender. (On the bubble shows only, please.) Thanks!

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Randall: What's the latest on Glee?
Just that I nearly suffered cardiac arrest after hearing this from a source on set: "Artie (Kevin McHale) was walking and dancing around with the rest of the cast...out of his wheelchair!" After breathing into a paper bag and doing some sleuthing, I can tell you that Glee is not going to send Artie to a mysterious island with a smoke monster where he can be healed and magically walk (à la Terry O'Quinn's John Locke on Lost), but yes, we will see him out of his wheelchair dancing. According to this source, episode 18 is about Artie wanting to walk, and he has a dream in which he dances around with the rest of the cast. Then everything goes back to how it was before. It should be fun to see Kevin McHale's fancy (Or not? We'll see.) footwork for the first time, no?

Marty: When will we find out about Quinn's baby and where she will go?
Not until the end of this season, according to boss Ryan Murphy. "You've got to wait until the season finale to find out how we're gonna do that," Ryan tells me. "In the first 13, we had a lot of baby pregnancy stuff. We had a lot of storylines, and I think fans liked that, but they wanted more fun. They wanted more music, so we are dealing with that, but in a sparing way." 

Marlene in Idaho: What can you tell me about Finn and Rachel, or Puck and Rachel?
Well, Lea Michele told my friend Marc Malkin that Rachel's "heart is with Finn" (yay!), so that's definitely good news for you Finn and Rachel shippers. As for Puck and Rachel, I'm hearing rumblings of a very sad twist for Puck (Mark Salling) that's so serious I don't even want to hint at it for fear I'll cry.

Tracy in Tallahassee, Fla.: Any more scoop on the Lady Gaga episode of Glee?
Just that if you're a fan of Gaga, you're going to be a fan of the Glee episode because all of those wackadoodle costumes she dons on a daily basis are going to be included in the ep. We'd kill to see Sue Sylvester waltzing around in a leotard with some sort of gigantic contraption on her head à la Gaga, wouldn't you? Or better yet, Mr. Schue.

David Park: Please tell me Desmond will get a chance to shine at least once in the last season of Lost! Where is he?
He will. You just wait. I can't really say much about it because it makes me so giddy (like butterflies coming out my nose giddy), but suffice it to say that all that lovey-dovey "Constant" stuff will be back. And you who love Lost's awesome emotional storylines will be very happy as the season progresses. In the meantime, we have this week's amazing Richard Alpert (Richard Carbonell) episode, in which you learn the four-letter-word that is used to describe the island. Make sure you come back to this section for my Lost Redux tomorrow night, 'cause we will have much to discuss!

Tim in Cookeville, Tenn.: We've seen Boone and Charlie, and there's been talk of other "dead" characters returning on Lost, but I've yet to see anyone address the most burning "returning character" issue of all: Will see Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje returning as Mr. Eko before the end?
Sadly, no. I'm told that he's the one character producers would have loved to have had on until the very end (and at the end), but way too much drama behind the scenes to make that happen. You've probably already heard, but Adewale did not want to be on the show any longer, and I hear things did not end well. So sad because Eko was amazing. On the upside, I can tell you that there will be at least one more returning character who has not yet been announced, and he's pretty major. Guesses?

Tim in Ann Arbor, Mich.: Fringe is coming back! What does Olivia do about Peter? Does she tell him she knows he comes from the "other side"?
We don't see even a glimmer of Joshua Jackson when Fringe returns April 1, which of course begs the Q: Did producer Julie Plec burst through a high-tech "window" and steal him away to her alternate (Vampire Diaries) universe?! No, but that's what the whole April 1 episode of Fringe is about, and it rocks. Olivia (Anna Torv), furiously confronts Walter (John Noble), who recounts the heartbreaking events that led to his abduction of the other universe's Peter. Our heads still hurt from trying to process all the ramifications, but it seems everyone has doubles in the similar-different alternate universe, and by crossing over Walt did a very bad thing. In all fairness, if Walter hadn't abducted him, both Peters would be dead—and Joey wouldn't have to choose between Dawson and Pacey.

Maddie in Hollywood, Calif.: Grey's Anatomy is getting good again. Can you tell us about anything good coming up?
Get excited about an Alex-centric episode in the coming weeks: His brother coming into the picture is sure to make a splash. When said little bro shows up in need of some pro bono surgery, bits and pieces of Alex's past begin to surface—like the fact that his family hasn't heard from him since he arrived at the hospital. (Side note: First time we've heard of a character disappearing to Seattle Grace, eh? I'm looking at you Isaiah Washington and soon-to-be gone Katherine Heigl.)

Patty in Texas: What's happening over on Private Practice?
There's a kinda sorta Grey's Anatomy-Private Practice crossover in the mix when Derek Shepherd's (Patrick Dempsey) little sis shows up at Oceanside Wellness to assist in saving the life of Kayla, the patient struggling to survive her surrogate pregnancy.

Patrick Wymore/The CW

Mart223: Thanks for the cool plug for 90210! How about some more scoop to celebrate?
I give and I give and...well, you give in return, so OK. Gia is going to cheat on Adriana, and Naomi accuses a teacher of sexual harassment, but it's so not true. Also, things get even creepier (and life-or-deathier) with Jasper. Dun. Dun. Dun.

Wendell: I love the CW's Life Unexpected, and you can consider this a very early vote for it to win Save One Show! Can you scoop me?
I don't know that I'm well trained in scooping another adult, and it sounds like I might throw out my back (my 26-pound 11-month-old is challenge enough), but I'll give it a shot, and also tell you this while we're at it: Cate, Baze and Lux will go on a road trip to find Cate's estranged father. Also, I dig this show, too.

Richard Foreman/FOX

Derek in Charleston, S.C.: I know the 100th episode of Bones is a flashback. I know it takes us to when Bones and Booth first met. What do you know that I don't?
I know that there is drinking involved. I know someone gets fired. I know that this milestone episode of Bones brings lots of juicy backstory concerning Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz), which is what you're really asking aren't you? You are sneaky. All I will say is this: a dam breaks.

Aileen in New York City: I love Bones so much it's insane. Got scoop?
Well, rat poop is important to the case in the April 1 episode. Oh, something less gross? There are some really sweet developments happening for our Dr. Sweet (John Francis Daley). I'm talking something that makes you go, "awww!" or "awww snap!" depending on how you look at it.

Jeff in Minnesota: Anything ridiculously wonderful coming up on Modern Family?
Remember how Claire crashed and burned with Phil's Valentine's Day gift (ahem, free coupons for hugs, ahem)? Well, it's time to pull out the bells and whistles for his birthday, and this time she's determined to score him the latest in technology. We're guessing this somehow goes awry. (Side note: Did I ever tell you how Julie Bowen told me she thought my husband was gay after running into him in the baby-food aisle at the supermarket? Story for another time, when my likes-to-dress-well-and-organize-his-shopping-cart-so-sue-him husband isn't listening...Hee.)

Jesse in Claremont, Calif.: What's up on 30 Rock?
If you're curious to know more about the even curiouser upbringing of Kenneth, look no further than this week's episode. Warning: What Tracy and Jenna learn actually scares them off! Also, Liz's potential one true love, Floyd (Jason Sudekis), resurfaces this week with some big news (Getting married? A sex change? A Snuggie?), which causes the wayward dater to reevaluate her life.

Cassandra in Indianapolis: I'm so sad Ugly Betty is coming to an end. Can you please give us some scoop for old times' sake?
Since you asked so nicely, how's this sound? Ashley Jensen is back in the house! Betty and Christina are reunited when the once-ugly one is sent to London for Fashion Week. Oh, and Hilda and Amanda are in too—a good ol' time will be had by all. One other overseas surprise? Betty runs into Gio (Freddy Rodriguez). Betty writers, there's still time to change course and let Betty end up with someone!

Justin Lubin/NBC

Meghan in Portland, Ore.: I miss Pam on The Office. Will we actually get to see her instead of just hear her voice in the next episode?
I know. It's college all over again! As a matter of fact, Jim and Pam are back in action this week—with Michael by their side, no less. The newlyweds and new parents invite Michael to join them at happy hour, and things go haywire as the Dunder Mifflin boss aims to impress Jam's pretty friend.

Eric in Van Nuys, Calif.: Awesome Chuck scoop and photos! I'm digging the way it's heading. Anything more you can share from set? Like who is dying?!
Just that Brandon Routh is a modern marvel of architecture...Really not horrible at all on the eyes. And Yvonne and Adam were shooting some crazy and very hushed scene with a lot of whispering. They seemed to be back in cahoots, but it was hard to tell. Also, there's a deeply emotional loss coming up for Chuck.

Jacob in Yucaipa, Calif.: Community, Community, Community, please.
Guess who Greendale's newest security officers are? Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) and Annie (Alison Brie). And their first job as community college protectors involves an April Fool's Day prank gone wrong at the hands of Britta (Gillian Jacobs). Also, congrats to Ken Jeong, aka Señor Chang, who just booked a part in Transformers 3. He's on fiyah! And if you haven't seen Alison Brie's video she just tweeted from set, you must watch. It's hilarious!

Travis in Boise, Idaho: Aziz Ansari is the funniest guy on television. Anything cool coming up for Tom on Parks and Recreation?
Agreed, and yes! Tom is about to become the cover model of the Pawnee Summer Events Catalog, brought to you by Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson. In order to perfect his front-page good looks, he'll enlist the help of Ann the nurse and Mark the city planner—because clearly they know all about fashion. (Hopefully Aziz will get better help when he hosts the MTV Movie Awards.)

Marissa in New Jersey: Parenthood is such a great show. I hope you have some good stuff to tell us about it.
Check back for my interviews with Lauren Graham and the cast (hopefully tomorrow) from when I hit the P'hood set. In the meantime, the family-togetherness vibe is going to keep growing as Drew unexpectedly helps Adam bond with his Autistic son over baseball, and Julia and Joel struggle to trust Sarah's troubled daughter, Amber, to babysit Sydney.

Priscilla in Georgia: I never hear much about The Good Wife on here. Anything good coming up?
There is lots and lots of sexual tension ahead on The Good Wife, including more Alicia and Will goodness, and even a little flirtation between Diana and Kurt (guest star Gary Cole). The show has gotten really good lately, hasn't it?

Britney in Rockford, Ill.: Wow, FlashForward was amazing last week! But I'm more concerned with the fates of Mark Benford's cool colleagues, Demetri and Janis. Got any info on them?
That's very rude of you to ignore the other characters on the show. But you're the boss! When we visited the set for FlashForward scoop, both Christine Woods and John Cho offered up some dish on their futures. "Zoey (Gabrielle Union) wants to run off together and avoid this mess, and Demetri wants to stay and solve the mystery," John confessed. "He wants to prevent his death from happening in a very active way." Can't say I blame him. And Janis has baby on the brain! "Janis has decided that she wants a baby, and she's going to do whatever it takes to get one. And we get to see what she does in order to acquire this baby," said Christine.


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—Additional reporting by Megan Masters, Jenna Mullins, Dahvi Shira and Taryn Ryder