Where in the World Is Sandra Bullock?

Actress hasn't been seen publicly in over a week; here are some places where she could be lying low

By Ashley Fultz, Lindsay Miller Mar 22, 2010 11:59 PMTags
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A month ago, Sandra Bullock was everywhere in the run-up to her big Oscar win.

Funny how quickly things change. The actress, embroiled in a personal drama bigger than any of her movies—i.e., the alleged affar of husband Jesse James with clothes-optional tattoo model Michelle "Bombshell" McGee—hasn't been seen in public since a visit (with James) to Walmart HQ more than a week ago, before her marriage became water-cooler fodder. Since then, she's canceled premieres in London and Berlin to promote the European launch of The Blind Side.

We know she's not staying at the home in Seal Beach, Calif., she shared with James, and she doesn't have any films currently in production. So where in the world is Bullock?

Here are some possible places where she could be lying low:

Tybee Island, Ga.:  Bullock started buying properties on Tybee Island more than a decade ago; Georgia is now the closest state to her native Virginia where Bullock has a home. Over the years, she has purchased many vacant lots and two houses on the tiny island outside of Savannah, where she filmed Forces of Nature back in 1998 and now owns about $4 million worth of real estate.

The beach on the island is just three miles in length, and the town has fewer than 5,000 permanent residents.

Jackson Hole, Wyo.: Bullock had a scare when her plane skidded off the runway while attempting to land back in December 2000. She has said it was a family tradition for her and her mother to go to Jackson Hole for Christmas every year and have real candles lit on the Christmas tree. 

With fewer than 20,000 residents, including former Vice President Dick Cheney and Harrison Ford, Jackson Hole is well known for its skiing, fishing and biking trails.

New Orleans: Bullock made a number of philanthropic donations in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, and she and James both became attached to the Big Easy through that charity work. They purchased a 6,600-square-foot historic home in the Garden District in late 2009 for a reported $2.25 million.

"I kind of had a notion to get a building down there and build a little shop so I can come down there and work part of the year," James said at the time. "I love the vibe in Louisiana. It's like a magnet for me. I feel very calm and relaxed there, and it makes me want to put a stake in that town and live there."

Montpelier, Vt.: Bullock's little sister, Gesine Bullock-Prado, lives and works in Montpelier. Gesine is the author of Confections of a Closet Master Baker and operates a pastry shop in the area. The sisters are extremely tight.

New York City: Like most actresses, Bullock travels frequently to New York City for appearances, premieres and parties. She purchased a $3 million home in the SoHo area in 2000.

Austin, Texas: Bullock has said for years that she feels most comfortable and at home in Austin. She first visited Texas on a road trip with a friend in 1996 and fell in love with the state. The next year, she even convinced producers to move the location of her hit movie Hope Floats from Arkansas to Austin.

Unfortunately, Bullock's Texas dream house turned out to be a disaster—she and James demolished the 10,000-square-foot mansion in 2006. But during her suit against the builder of the home, she made a point to say, "I'm not leaving." She still maintains two thriving local businesses, Bess Bistro and Walton's Fancy & Staple.

"A lot of people in the industry are baffled that I would just pick up and leave L.A.," she told Texas Monthly in 1998. "But I feel a lightness when I'm here. It's the kind of place where I can feel normal again."


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