Keanu Reeves Sparks Hollywood Race-Car Rivalry

Thanks to his speed skills, the actor faces some serious competition this year on the racetrack

By Peter Gicas Mar 22, 2010 4:05 PMTags

Adrien Brody may have an Oscar, Jesse McCartney may have sold millions of records and Brian Austin Green may have Megan Fox (at least as of this writing), but they're all a bit jealous of Keanu Reeves.

No, it's not because he was once in a little movie called Speed. Rather, it's because he has speed.

After all, Keanu was the guy who came in first place at the Pro/Celebrity Race at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach last year, and these other famous folks—along with the likes of Adam Carolla, Zachary Levi and Tony Hawk—are determined to make sure the Matrix man's next adventure on the track isn't so excellent...

"I think that's the common thread here...to be better as a human being, and to beat Keanu in this race," Adrien tells E! News during a break from training this weekend for the big showdown next month.

For Keanu's sake, let's hope he's got Morpheus and Trinity working the pit.


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