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We loved the debate Friday's "Meet the New John Mayer" had going in the comments section. It was fairly even matched with Team Mayer folks coming out in full force all, "see" J.M. is totally media-misjudged and the other side arguing to just give it some time 'cause John's "still a Douchenozzle" (thanks, Suze).

So where do compadres of John's fall in line?

"I don't know why he said all that," admits a Mayer-pal, regarding all the verbal diarrhea about Jessica Simpson. "He's really not a huge prick. He's supermellow, super into his music and really a good guy."

Well, duh, what else are friends of the singer gonna say?

"No, really, though, [John] just likes to f--k with the media. At least he keeps it interesting," adds John's confidant.

Still, it didn't really have to be at the expense of Jessica.

"Yeah he felt really bad about that, he apologized."

So we've heard.

We're sort of impartial to J.M. either way. He's a talented dude, but his appeal is lost to us when he opens his mouth to do something other than sing.

Kinda reminiscent of a male Megan Fox type, doncha think?

Supposedly both babblin' babes say crap to get attention, but are superchill and low-key when they're out of the Hollywood wild.

Not sure yet which persona we're buying. You?


Douche or not, Mayer pulls the chicks. Check 'em out in The Many Lusts of John Mayer gallery.

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