Heidi Klum

Matthew Imaging/Getty Images

Some women love shopping, Heidi Klum loves having babies.

"I always love being pregnant," the 36-year-old mommy of four gushed to us this morning at the I Heart Diet Coke and The Heart Truth pop-up store in Santa Monica. "I love everything about it. I love going to the hospital and having babies, I love everything."

So how many more celebuspawn are she and music superstar hubby Seal planning on?

Surprisingly, the preggers-happy supermodel doesn't plan on popping out any more little ones. "That's it for us," Klum said. "Four is a lot. They're all very close in age, so they keep us busy."

So busy that they don't always have time to have her preferred family-style dinners at home. "Every once in a while, my kids have McDonald's," she said. "They can have a Big Mac sometimes. There's nothing wrong with that."

Heck, even the svelte-bodied sexpot herself admits to an occasional fast food run:"I do love a Big Mac with fries and barbecue sauce every once in a while."


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