Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi, Twitter

Talk about getting it from both sides.

First MTV is criticized for airing Jersey Shore and angering Italian Americans. Now the formerly music-centric cable network is taking heat for standing by Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi after word leaked out that the series' star was charged with selling booze to minors—one of whom was killed in a car crash four years ago after leaving her party.

In an interview with Radar, the parents of 18-year-old Michael Truncali ripped the Jersey Shore loudmouth for allowing their son to overindulge at a 2004 Thanksgiving eve bash at the home of Snooki's mom (who was upstairs while the kids were partying in the basement) and then get behind the wheel.

"She doesn't care about what happened to our son," Michelle Truncali said.


Turncali quickly added that she doesn't blame Snooki for their son's accident, but she and her husband wanted "the truth" about that fateful night out there given the poufy Guidette's growing celebrity.

Bill Truncali, Michael's father, also took umbrage with MTV for airing Jersey Shore, which he said "glorified" alcohol consumption.

"I just don't feel that parents should allow underage drinking in their homes," he said.

Snooki was one of three teens charged with prohibited sale of alcohol as part of a police investigation into the death after authorities said they charged attendees to drink up.

And now MTV execs have no problem defending (if not glorifying) Snooki's inglorious past.

"Snooki was 16 when she was charged," an MTV rep told E! News. "She fulfilled her community service and her record was ultimately cleared."

According to the spokesman, the channel was "not aware of this incident because it occurred while Nicole was a minor" and the case was sealed.

But regardless, her penance was enough to satisfy the network's ratings concerns. As for whether the revelations will affect her future on Jersey Shore, fugheddaboutit!

"Snooki is a part of season two," the rep stated.

And in case you were wondering whether the show promotes drinking of any kind, the MTV-bot had this to say: "The intent of [Jersey Shore] is to document the lives of eight young adults."

There you have it, folks, Jersey Shore is simply a documentary. You know, just like the ones Ken Burns makes for PBS.


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