Hugh Grant Has His Cake and Wears It, Too

Actor throws propriety to the wind, allegedly slugs his former PR manager during London party turned food fight, winds up covered in chocolate cake

By Gina Serpe Mar 19, 2010 2:43 PMTags
Hugh GrantGoff/Whittaker/

First there was the baked beans incident, now this. Funny how all that English reserve seems to go out the window when catering's involved.

As it happens, Hugh Grant has run afoul of a foodstuff once again, this time allegedly punching his former longtime PR manager during a socialite's birthday party turned food fight in London Wednesday night.

According to multiple reports, the imbroglio began when Matthew Freud, who was employed by Grant for more than a decade at the start of his career, overheard the actor referring to him with a disparaging four-letter word (seeing as these are Brits, we're assuming See You Next Tuesday was the culprit).

What happened next...well, it can only be described as a victory for Team Pie.

After catching wind of the offending term, Freud balked and responded the only way a grown man could: by smearing a hunk of chocolate cake all over Grant's face and shirt. Matching—and dare we say, surpassing—his maturity level, Grant then reportedly punched him in the cheek.

At some point, a glass of wine also went airborne, but it's unclear who hurled the tipple.

There is, of course, no evidence of the right hook, though Freud did make a point of publicly making the rounds yesterday with an overly large pair of sunglasses.

But rest assured, you don't get to be a top PR man without knowing the power of an image. While Grant may have thrown the first punch, Freud threw the best, widely emailing a photo of Grant's chocolate-stained shirt (he changed out of it at the party) to friends. And newspapers. Now that's definitely not a Freudian slip.


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