Who Is Jesse James' Alleged Other Woman? Everything You Need to Know About Michelle "Bombshell" McGee

Get all the info on her Amish background, odd jobs and kids in our primer on the self-professed mistress

By Gina Serpe Mar 18, 2010 8:20 PMTags
ONE TIME USE ONLY Michelle Bombshell McGee, Jesse James, Sandra BullockKeith Allen Phillips/Splash News; Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Her nickname is Bombshell. Which, ironically, is just what she dropped on Sandra Bullock and the gossip-following public this week. But just who is Michelle McGee?

If you read tabloids, she's the self-proclaimed mistress and accidental homewrecker (she didn't know he was married! Honest!) of Jesse James.

If you peruse adult websites, she's the tattooed, no-holds-barred glamour girl of your dreams (so long as you can afford to chat with her).

If you're a childhood friend, she's the good Amish girl who somehow went off the rails.

For everyone else, set your stopwatches to 15 minutes and get a load of this lowdown:

She's No Amateur: Michelle "Bombshell" McGee is one of SoCal Glamour Girls' online babes, and while she's currently listed as "offline," the sometime dominatrix's profile has been updated to include an oh-so-classy mention of her alleged "affair with Jesse James." She promises to be the "busty tattoo goddess of your dreams," and is seeking "the right sugardaddy to teach me and be my sexy mentor." Her stats reveal that she's a (ahem) 24-year-old Montreal-born grad student who finished two years of medical school, and promises to be "the hottest, wittiest, most tattooed camgirl in the world."

She Puts the Grass in Grassroots Campaigns: Last year, McGee threw her considerable assets behind supporting the legalization of pot. She even appeared in a video illuminating the benefits of such a movement—managing, of course, to include some obligatory forced sexy talk at the end.

She Was Raised Amish: "My parents are very conservative, I grew up Amish," she said while participating in last year's Vegas-hosted Miss Ink contest. "I left the church when I was 16 years old and never looked back...My parents don't talk to me, but that's OK. I have good friends." And, we're guessing, her fair share of enemies.

She's a Jack-of-All-Trades: Prior to trying her hand (and other various body parts) at exotic dancing, McGee studied to be a coroner and worked as a hairstylist. "She abandoned this business around three years ago," a stylist at McGee's former salon told E! News. "Last I heard, she was a dancer at Hustler." Another former colleague said, "She told her boys she worked at an ice cream parlor."

She's a Mother: McGee no longer resides in the San Diego apartment from which she claims to have traveled for her trysts with James, but her former landlord told E! News that, until last October, she lived there with her two sons. "I believe they were ages 11 and 5," she said. (Eleven? We sincerely hope/believe she's fudging her claim of being 24 years old.) "She was a great neighbor. Never obtrusive, and just a great mom."

She Has a Type: McGee's former landlord said that the alleged Other Woman went through a recent divorce. Her ex's profession: tattoo parlor owner.

She's a Sinner and She Knows It: While vying for the title of Miss Ink, McGee proudly showed off her forehead tattoo (yup), which reads, "Pray for us sinners." Why? "Because we're all sinners in life." Talk about your self-fulfilling prophecies.

—Additional reporting by Marcus Mulick and Ashley Fultz


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