You're welcome, Ty Burrell!

The Modern Family star and his wife, Holly, have adopted a baby girl, his rep has confirmed. It's the couple's first child, and I'm pretty sure it all came about thanks to the one-on-one chat I just had with Ty (in which he also revealed Modern Family's biggest diva on set)...

After thanking Ty on behalf of Americans everywhere for introducing Phil's  totally awesome-sauce parenting style called "parent-teen" (be a parent, act like a teen), the funnyman told me:

"I apologize for half of it. But I will actually take a little bit of pride in how much Phil cares. He really is putting in the time, and he really cares about his kids even though he gets very few things right. I do love how much he tries, you know what I mean? If my wife and I ever have kids, I hope I can try as hard as Phil. Maybe not quite as hard as Phil, but I hope I can try."

And now, the money quote/epiphany: "I guess if Phil can raise kids, so can I!"

Less than two weeks later and whammo! He has adopted a baby. Coincidence?

Of course. And I'm only kidding. But (bad) jokes aside, it's clear Ty had babies on the brain when I talked to him two weeks ago at the Paley Festival's Modern Family event, and seems well prepared to be an even better dad than ultracool Phil Dunphy.

See what else Ty says about Phil and parenting in the video clip above.

As for the show's biggest diva, Ty says she, too, comes in a tiny package.

"Let's be honest," Ty deadpans. "Lily is not a team player. Nothing but finger sandwiches and Evian. Just a little bit of dialogue would be so nice [to make her do]. But no, she's like, let them do the work. Smoking her very long cigarettes."

One thing's certain: Ty's newly adopted little girl has one very funny dad. And he might want to keep her away from Lily.


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