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Now that all that diva dust over Katherine Heigl's leaving Grey's Anatomy seems to be settling (somewhat), gotta say I'm pretty damn bummed.

Who the hell are we going to hate on now?

The outspoken star played sensitive yet headstrong doctor Izzie Stevens for six exquisitely painful seasons, and that character almost made me like the actress too—but not quite. I'm not one to tell a gal to pipe down—hey, if she's got an opinion, let's hear it—but Kathy has developed quite the snotty rep in recent years.

Between dissing the Emmys, scheming her way in and out of roles and bitchin' about anything and everything, K.H. can be downright grating!

But recently Katherine's onscreen ego has become just as much of a downer as the star, so I can't say I'm too disappointed to see her get the silver screen boot. Though who will replace her as the star we all absolutely can't stand?

Let's be honest: Every show needs one person that rocks the boat—the chick (or dude, as it may be) you love to hate. 90210 had Shannen Doherty, The OC had Mischa Barton and Grey's had Katherine.

Grey's rode the good ratings wave for a while (who could refuse a mix of horny docs and medical mysteries, right?), but as the show progressed, Katherine got as annoying as her ghost-humping alter ego. Who can forget the time she decided to tell the world that she wasn't Emmy-worthy because her material wasn't up to snuff? How very gracious of her.

Now, Heigl seems to think she is a bigger star than her castmates—after all, she has played totally deep and revolutionary characters in rom-coms like 27 Dresses and The Ugly Truth—and has made it clear that she wants off the show that made her famous.

Damn. Who knows what kind of monster Katherine could become without a TV show to keep her humble? Although her next film (a Mr. & Mrs. Smith knock-off costarring Ashton Kutcher) looks about as fun as heart surgery, I'm sure Kathy will still find reason to put herself on a pedestal.

But back to the point: With Katherine given the cold shoulder, who will fill her shoes as the doctor we absolutely love to loathe?

Hate to say it, but "dark and twisted" Meredith and über-whiner McDreamy are going to seem far more irritating without Izzie to take the heat.

So why not go the opposite direction and bring in a character that people love to love? Hey, fellow ABC series Ugly Betty just got canned, and we all know America Ferrera can be bubbly and endearing. Why not give A.F. the chance to show off her sexy side in a pair of Seattle Grace scrubs?

Paging Dr. Betty, anyone?


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