SATC 2 Being Kept Super Secret—But Why?

Warner Bros. gets very serious in shutting up their cast

By Ted Casablanca, Taryn Ryder Mar 17, 2010 12:45 PMTags
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Babes, start saving your money for a new pair of Manolo Blahniks because Sex and the City 2 is right around the corner.

But be careful what you dish about the flick ahead of time!

Aside from the fact that we got creator Darren Star to hint a little that Big and Carrie's sex life is going down the pooper, we're surprised that almost two months out, other spoilers from the second movie have been practically nonexistent.

Or rather, we should say, we were surprised because we just found out how serious Warner Bros. is at keeping SATC 2 totally under wraps:

We're told by one of the actors that everyone working on the film—from the stars down to the makeup artists—have had to sign a $2.5 million nondisclosure agreement.

For those of you not up on Hollywood slang, that basically means that if anyone blabs their mouth about secrets from the set, their ass is going to be fined potentially millions of buckaroos.

We've reached out to Warner Bros. twice and they have yet to return our calls or emails requesting comment. But then, there's probably a nondisclosure form you sign to not talk about the nondisclosure form, right? Jeez.

Why so serious?

By this time two years back, we all knew a lot about what was going to happen in the first Sex movie, and it still made a killing at the box office. There's a cult following for these four martini-lovin' babes, and this one is sure to do well, too (tho we predict it won't do quite as well—hey, these chicks are getting a little vintage!).

But Warner's means business. We heard that Noah Mills, who recently chatted with reporters and spilled minor dirt claiming he's Samantha's love interest, is in "serious trouble" with the studio.

"[Warner Bros.] is not joking around with these NDAs," our source says.

Ouch! Considering Noah is way down on the credit list, we hope that he's not hit with the full fine, damn!

Oh, and speaking of Samantha's sexy men, we're told Max Ryan, who is rumored to play Sam's main lust interest and was hospitalized in a motorcycle crash last week, should be able to walk the carpet for the premiere in May.

"[Max] will still be recovering and will be in a lot of pain, but he'll still look good," fesses one of our Sex insiders.

Isn't that all that matters with this crowd?


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