Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington, Avatar

WETA/ 20th Century Fox

As the Oscars proved (much to his own dismay), there's no such thing as James Cameron Day, so Avatar's DVD release has been set for the next most auspicious date on the calendar: Earth Day.

The Na'vi will be out in full force come April 22, when the 3-D extravaganza is unleashed on a more than willing public. Unlike most DVDs, however, this will not include any bonus features. Just the movie. In 2-D.

Much has been made—including by the filmmaker himself—of the film as a broader metaphor of conservationism, a talking point that we're guessing comes up in at least one more press release as its Earth Day distribution draws nearer.

Positive tie-in aside, the film's DVD and Blu-ray release is bound to add to Avatar's worldwide take of more than $2.6 billion. So the movie's not only promoting green—it's making it. Forget your politics, that's a message everyone can get behind.


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