Spoiler Chat: Finn's and Puck's New Lovers on Glee "Will Shock You"

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By Kristin Dos Santos Mar 16, 2010 12:00 AMTags
Cory Monteith, Dianna Agron, Lea Michele, Mark Salling, GleeMatthias Clamer/FOX

If you're a fan of any of the possible Glee couplings pictured above—Puckleberry, Fichel, Quck or Fu...er, never mind—you might wanna sit down for this.

Puck (Mark Salling) and Finn (Cory Monteith) are both getting new love interests when Fox's Glee returns on April 13. "Finn's love interest is pretty shocking!" Cory himself teases. And boss Ryan Murphy revealed to me Puck's new girl, who is pretty surprising too!

Plus, we have the latest on those other shows you love like The Office, Lost, Ugly Betty and 90210!

Francesca: Will Life Unexpected and One Tree Hill get another season? Please say yes!

I'm hearing both are still undecided, but stand a better chance than some other on-the-bubble CW shows at this time. So keep the faith! We'll be launching our annual Save One Show campaign soon to give you a chance to help them. Stay tuned.

Marlene in Boston: I am loving all the Glee scoop and can't believe Neil Patrick Harris is going to be making out with _____! Any more Glee scoop?
Yes, if you missed that news about NPH making out with a certain awesome someone on Glee, check out that exclusive scoop right here. As for the others, check out the video interviews from Saturday night's Paley Festival event below, in which we learn that Will Schuester is so not settling down (boo!) but he does kiss Emma (yay!), and the latest on Artie and Tina from Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina): "There's a resolve to be had and fans will definitely be encouraged by Team Artina's relationship—hopefully a little longer-lived than what you got in the first 13." But the most interesting tease comes from Cory Monteith in the video clip above, that "Finn's new love interest will shock you." Any guesses? (My money's on Mrs. Schuester, aka Jessalyn Gilsig.) And if you want to know who Puck will be hooking up with, read down to the Spoiler Section below.

P.S. I have to confess I am totally Team Finn after this particular meet-up with Cory Monteith. He is, as the kids would say, "dreamy." Or, as this married mother of one would say, "nice to work with in a strictly professional manner." Hee. Honestly, though, very nice guy.

(And here's Matthew Morrison talking about Mr. Schue slutting it up and dancing with Justin Timberlake in case you missed it earlier!)

Mikey in Houston, Texas: Are there any other big musician tribute episodes ahead on Glee?
Ryan Murphy's not planning any more Madonna-esque eps of Glee this season, but there will be some serious tributes to great musicians—including Lady Gaga—in the coming months. "We're doing a tribute to Steve Perry in the finale—not a full tribute, but definitely bowing at their feet."

Christie in Ojai, Calif.: Any scoop on the new Bachelorette, Ali?
Just that her former Bachelor beau Jake Pavelka (coming soon to Dancing with the Stars, god help us all) is 100 percent supportive. "Ali's a really sweet girl," Jake tells us. "The greatest thing about Ali is she went through The Bachelor, and then being invited back as The Bachelorette you grow and mature—she is ready to find that guy, and she will."

Lisa in Highland, Calif.: Hey Kristin, are you pulling for anyone in particular on Dancing with the Stars this season?
Hmmm, I can't say I'm necessarily rooting for Jake Pavelka, but based on what he tells us, he might actually be a dancin' fool. "I'm not a flexible guy. Chelsie Hightower turns herself into a pretzel; I can't even touch my toes." But, says Jake, "I can mambo, salsa, cha cha, meringue, foxtrot and tango—basic steps." No word yet on the true dance of romance, the Macarena.

Kenny in Wyo.: Any fun stuff from the final episode of Scrubs?
The series finale definitely delivers a proper send-off for the newbies we've grown to love, plus some fun with the original Scrubbers, too. The best part? Turk (Donald Faison) takes on an unlikely protégé in Dave Franco's Cole. It's not as good as Scrubs' original bromance, but it'll do.

Patrick Ecclesine/FOX

Joie in Charleston, S.C.: I loved that Puckleberry news this weekend, but are Puck and Rachel seriously going to be together again?
My educated guess? No, not seriously. "My new favorite thing is making Puck a player," Ryan Murphy told me. "He's got Quinn knocked up, but he's dating everybody—including Mercedes." Yep, you read that correctly! Mercedes and Puck! It's about time she got her hands on a straight boy, right? (Note to Puck: Watch the windows on your car.) As for Finn and Rachel, I can tell you that he'll have stronger feelings for her than she does for him by the end of the first episode. Nutty, right? But it's for a very good reason.

Maddie in San Diego: Can you spill anything else on the Glee spring premiere?
How can I emphasize just how wonderful Jonathan Groff is opposite Lea Michele? These two have such crazy chemistry you'll literally squeal. "Rachel meets her match with Jesse St. James," Jonathan tells us. "I'm in the back nine, not all of them but sprinkled throughout." Let me tell you, we need to start the campaign now to keep this guy on the show.


Wendee in Beaumont, Calif.: With Izzie off Grey's Anatomy, I'd love some news on my favorite couple, Arizona and Callie.
Unfortunately, the honeymoon phase can't last forever, not even for Callie and Arizona. In the coming weeks, the lovebirds will face an uncertain future when they realize their long-term plans of coupledom differ a bit. (Don't worry, all will be A-OK!)

Maureen in Baker, Nev.: Waiting for a new episode of Vampire Diaries is the worst. Can you help me pass the time with some scoop?
We're about to become very familiar with a creepy new vampire, says show runner Julie Plec. "We'll meet Harper, the character coming out of the tomb in the last episode that aired, and follow him on his journey as he sets up shop in Mystic Falls and who he sets up shop with." As for Damon and Stefan, Kevin Williamson says, "They're going to find some common ground and build from there." Unfortunately, their distressed brotherhood won't work itself out overnight. But they've got time, right? They're vampires!

Jackie in Seattle: I love that David Anders just jumps from one of my favorite shows to the next. What do you know about his character on Vampire Diaries?
As always, David Anders brings the bad. "He surfaces when it comes time to sell [Jeremy and Elena's] dad's doctor's office, but he's [really] there because he wants something and he'll fight to the finish to get it," says Kevin. And speaking of Jeremy, tough times are ahead for the brainwashed brother as he continues to unravel the truth about vamps in Mystic Falls. "Jeremy's storyline is a big storyline and takes him to a really dark place," Julie tells me. David's character will also serve as a guide on Jeremy's journey.

Mario Perez/ABC

Cody in Brooklyn, N.Y.: I'm still hoping Locke-Locke will come alive on the island and Un-Locke, if you will, is a goner. Any insight?
Carlton Cuse
, take it away: "We've said dead is dead and we're not really going to go back on the rules, [but] I will say that there are surprises in store at the end of the series." That's what the Lost mastermind told us when I asked that exact question, and I predict they have something up their genius little sleeves!

Judy: Does Sawyer's daughter Clementine (the one he had with Cassidy) exist even in the alt universe?

Not that I know. From what I've heard Sawyer is pretty lonesome. 

Monica in Rhode Island: Ugly Betty scoop please! What's in store for the end?
I'm still hearing Betty will probably end up solo, and in a far-off land. Let's get Chris Gorham and Freddy Rodriguez to storm the set, shall we?! Also, this week's episode has a big first: Justin's first kiss, with a boy! It's a pretty cute storyline that involves both boys thinking they like a girl and, well, obviously things take a turn. Sources tell me Wilhelmina is planning to take over everything, so she's very much back to her wicked ways, and that will continue in the coming episodes. And Betty calls the orthodontist this week, and you know that can only mean one thing: Her insurance is valid! Oh, and she's gonna get those braces off, too. Pretty Betty, here we come.

Janelle in Portland, Ore.: Community, please.
If you loved the beginning of Community with loads of Troy and Pierce time, you'll love the end of the season, too. "There's a lot with Chevy [Chase] coming up," a tight-lipped Donald Glover tells us. "I can't say much, but I'll be with Chevy a lot. It's like the Lost [storyline] of Community, and it definitely plays into the finale." We're a little confused, but totally on board. Plus, Lee Majors pops up this week to up Jeff's cool factor just a teensy bit.

Michael Desmond/The CW

Wendell: I'm obsessed with 90210! What's going to happen with Jasper and Annie?
What's going to happen is Jasper's going to get creepier and creepier. In totally unrelated news, Dixon's family car is stolen—I wonder who could possibly be responsible for that?

Katie from Quincy, Ill.: FlashForward is finally returning! I need info. Now!
How dare you take that tone with me! OK, you can. If you're behind on FlashForward, make sure you tune in Tuesday for a recap of the first half of the season. As for what answers lie ahead in the new episodes starting Thursday, let's go to John Cho, yes? "You'll find out whether Demetri dies or not," he tells us in an on-set interview. And that dude in the stadium? "The identity of that person is finally being told in the second half of the season," John spills. Hooray! Is it Desmond? Oh wait, wrong show.

Shannon in Montpelier, Vt.: I'm in dire need of some Brothers & Sisters news. Tell me you've got some.
Can't the Walkers all just get along? Actually, maybe so! Nora and Tommy will soon make major strides in repairing their relationship. Luc, on the other hand, has bigger fish to fry—namely deportation.

Kira in Oahu, Hawaii: I'm already such a huge fan of Parenthood. What's next for the Bravermans?
The stay-at-home mama drama storyline between Erika Christensen, Sam Jaeger and Erinn Hayes' characters continues for a while and it gets ugly. "It ends up being a real issue for the next several episodes of the show," Sam tells me. But Erika says Julia is really trying to change. "Julia's failing, but she's learning to adapt socially just in the family dynamic. But she's got work to do."

Robert Voets/CBS

Belinda in N.C.: Anything on Jim Parsons or The Big Bang Theory?
And the Sheldon-Wil Wheaton showdown will be…bowling! Sadly, geeklovers, we just don't anticipate Sheldon besting his nemesis this time around, either.

Camille in Toronto: Are Jules and Grayson ever going to get together on Cougar Town?
Good news, Cougar lovers! Show runner Bill Lawrence hates playing those silly love games and promises he'll deliver on some Jules-Grayson love soon. "One of the things I enjoy doing is blowing up things earlier than people expect," he tells me. "When shows do will-they, won't-they stuff, I always like to get a handle on that early. So there's a lot of inner couple connection and romance [coming up]."

Maya in Salt Lake City, Utah: I'm so in love with Modern Family! What's coming up with that wacky family?
Mitchell's going to start working on manning up, so to speak, Cam's going to meddle—yet again—-in someone's marital woes and Jay will face off with Manny—and Gloria!—in a battle of the brains.

Are Dwight and Angela really going to have a baby on The Office?
Say it ain't so! That articulately planned-out baby pact between Dwight and Angela on The Office may never see the light of day. And surprisingly, Dwight is actually the offspring halter, not the haltee. Fingers crossed this means he's finally coming to terms with his deep-seated Dwangela desires.

Benjamin in Gainsville, Fla.: Is there any fun stuff in the works on Parks and Recreation?
The employees of Pawnee's Parks and Recreation department are going to do their darnedest to treat office punching bag Jerry a little nicer after he's mugged. Unfortunately, this venture proves unsuccessful. Elsewhere, Mark and Ann will continue to drift apart, making room for newcomers Adam Scott and Rob Lowe.

Gina from Los Gatos, Calif: I'm so happy Nurse Jackie is coming back. What's in store for the premiere episode?
The first season-two episode of Nurse Jackie picks up a few months after the end of season one. Jackie (Edie Falco) is trying to find normalcy with her hubby and kids, but the narcotic shortage and the newly sober Sam (Arjun Gupta) being rehired kind of put a damper on that. While we're on the subject of the past, I should mention that Jackie sees the return of an old friend to the hospital. And I got to say, this person does not come back in the healthiest way possible.

Leigh from Austin, Texas: After In Plain Sight's intense season-two cliffhanger, Mary's going to come to her senses and finally hook up with Marshall, right?
Hot, hilarious and heartbroken, Marshall (Fred Weller) deserves some happiness after Mary's (Mary McCormack) nearly fatal shooting on the In Plain Sight season-two cliffhanger—but when we see Mary nekkid at the end of season three's March 31 premiere, she's in bed with Raphe (Cristián de la Fuente). With Mary recovering and her shooter apprehended, her relationship with Marshall will return to strictly BFF status for the foreseeable future. At least sis Brandi (Nichole Hiltz) is still dating good-guy Peter (Joshua Malina)—let's hope her secrecy regarding some mysterious phone calls (from her and Mary's father?!) doesn't jeopardize their relationship. The first episode also sets the stage for Jinx's (Lesley Ann Warren) departure.

—Additional reporting by Megan Masters, Drusilla Moorhouse and Jenna Mullins


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