John Edwards' Mistress: Are Sexy Pics Really That "Repulsive"?

Rielle Hunter freaks out over sexy pics in GQ magazine. Do you think she's overreacting?

By EOL Staff Mar 15, 2010 5:00 PMTags

Fame, ain't it a bitch. Rielle Hunter's learning that the hard way. John Edwards' baby mama is reportedly in tears today over some "repulsive" photos of her that appeared in GQ magazine.

Just to be clear, these aren't stalkerazzi photos. The seductive mom actually posed for the Mark Seliger magazine spread, which includes a pantless pic on her daughter's bed and the belly shot pictured here.

In light of her participation in the article—where she confesses she's still in love with "Johnny"—are the GQ pics really that scandalous? Especially with the amount of celebrity skin we're so used to seeing...


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Do you find the sexy shots repulsive?
No, she's still covered where it counts
Yes, put some clothes on
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