Glee Scoop: Justin Timberlake "in the Plan" and Sue Sylvester Gets a Famous Makeout Partner!

Exclusive scoop on guest stars coming up and what's in store for one very awesome guest star

By Kristin Dos Santos Mar 15, 2010 6:45 PMTags
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Get ready for the best Glee scoop ever…and no, it's not that boss Ryan Murphy just told me he's working toward getting Justin Timberlake on for season two. Or even that Hugh Jackman and Queen Latifah's names are also being tossed around.

You Gleeks are gonna freak when you hear that Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) is gonna make out with...

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Spoiler Alert: Neil Patrick Harris!

Yes, two of television's best-ever comedians will be playing tonsil hockey in the episode directed by one of television's best-ever directors, Joss Whedon. How's that for an explosion of awesomeness?!

"[Neil] gets to tussle with Jane Lynch," boss Ryan Murphy tells me exclusively, "and they might sleep together, but that's all I'm gonna say!" Ryan says that Neil's character, who is an old high school rival of Will (Matthew Morrison) "is not a villain, he's just got edge, as they say. It's a very great, sweet, important episode. We wrote it for Neil and for Joss. The whole episode is about arts funding and the importance of arts funding in high schools."

You can hear Jane talk about Neil, "ONJ" (Olivia Newton-John) and the only woman to put Sue Sylvester in her place (Molly Shannon!) in this video clip right here…

As for Justin Timberlake, Ryan tells me he's "in the plan": "[Justin] is the one the kids jump up and down about every day and beg me to meet with him. I'm a huge fan of his music. I think he's so talented. And he's a true triple threat: He can sing, dance, and act. So yeah, we'd love to have him on. We start shooting the second season in July and I think I will work some magic around that time for him if I can."

Matthew Morrison had this to say about that other curly-headed triple threat coming on the show: "I don't think he could handle this. But if he wants to go toe to toe with Mr. Schuester, bring it on, J.T.! He's amazing; I have so much respect for that guy. What a talent. I would love for him to be on the show."

Morrison, who by the way is straight-up adorable in person, not only busts a few moves and talks about his "broke dancing" in this video clip (love), but you can also hear him explain why he's not doing the Glee tour…

Amber Riley (Mercedes) joked she thinks J.T. is behind the casting: "I think J.T. has been trying to put a little buzz in people's ears, too. [Points to camera.] I hear you on these interviews that you want to be on Glee. I'm pushing for you 100 percent."

What do you think of NPH and Jane Lynch smooching it up on Glee? Does life get any better than this? And be sure to check back later for more scoop on the Glee couples...