Corey Haim, eBay Auction

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This is so sad.

Three days after his sudden death, pieces of Corey Haim's T-shirt-heavy wardrobe and other possessions are being auctioned off on eBay to help defray the cost of the late actor's funeral.

"They were at Corey's apartment boxing up his things, saying they were going to take them to the mission," Scott Schwartz, the friend of Haim who's running the auction, tells E! News.

"And I sat [Haim's mom] Judy down and I said, 'I know this will sound horrible, but I do eBay as my job. This might be a way to raise money for the funeral.' And she started to cry and she said even $200 or $300 would help."

Schwartz says that they have raised more than $1,500 in the last 24 hours, and he has yet to post Haim's Xbox, DVD collection and keyboard.

"He was 38 and he had maybe a half a closet full of clothes and a drawer full of T-shirts," Schwartz says. "That was it. [His father] gave him $500 last month to cover his rent."

Corey Feldman, Haim's self-proclaimed "best friend," said on Larry King Live Wednesday that his buddy was living month-to-month with his mom, with not even enough money to own a car.

Haim's family is also reaching out via their fallen son's website, asking fans to donate whatever they can for a funeral in his native Toronto.

"All these celebrities that are out there talking, tweeting about him," Schwartz said, "put your hand in your pocket. Ashton, cut the kid a check. Alyssa Milano, cut the family a check. His mother's going through radiation treatment."

Schwartz assures buyers on the auction site that every penny aside from eBay and PayPal fees is going to Haim's family for the funeral.


It's far preferable to remember Haim wearing his clothes in better times, as seen here in our tribute gallery.

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