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Byron Cohen/NBC; NBC; NBC/Trae Patton; The CW

Our TV's Top Couples tournament is heating up as the Elite Eight have dwindled down to the Final Four—and what a lovely group it is.

Classics like Ross and Rachel from Friends breezed through to the semifinals and surprisingly dominated Lost fan faves Jack and Kate, while Chuck's Chuck and Sarah barely squeaked past Grey's Anatomy's Callie and Arizona. Luke and Lorelai's Gilmore Girls love demolished The X-Files' paranormal lovers Mulder and Scully, and House's House and Cuddy bowed down to resident Office lovebirds Jim and Pam. 

In what looks to be our fiercest round yet, every vote truly counts. The polls close this Friday, so make sure your faves move on to the Top Two—and final round—of our TV's Top Couples extravaganza. Voting!


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