All right, Jessica Simpson, we know you think it's cute and precious and hilarious that you don't know you're supposed to brush your teeth, but can we please stop this act?

Amanda Seyfried is in Esquire this month. Her woodshop attire is definitely better than her Oscar bubble-wrap dress. In fact, she kind of looks like a premarriage ScarJo with crazy eyes, which we think is...a good thing?

Wow. Joe Jonas really needs to cut it out with the skinny jeans. Or is it the high-tops giving him trouble? Shut it all down!

This might be the scariest/saddest picture of Lindsay Lohan ever. :(

• Kellan Lutz's Calvin Klein underwear ad was fine and everything, but why did they have to go and let him speak?


Oh, what a coincidence—Kendra's in our Big Pic gallery, and her show just happens to premiere this Sunday. Imagine that!

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