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How many of you saw Remember Me over the weekend? Yes, we're shamelessly raising our hands! First off, thought Robert Pattinson looked hotter than ever in the flick...slightly scruffy, and totally not dead. That's how we prefer rebel Rob. And we thought he was good in it, too.

We're sure many of you Twi-lovers had to brace yourselves for those almost-rated-R love scenes with Emilie De Ravin. After all, it's just too painful to watch him rub up on another girl not Kristen Stewart, right?

Well, don't you worry, because we've got a Robsten love update sure to please the whole lot of you...

"[Rob and Kristen] are together together right now," dishes one of our go-to Robsten insiders.

So there. For all of you bitchin' and complaining in mail that we're not giving you a definitive answer as to whether Rob and Kristen are on, there you have it—straight from a direct Robsten source's mouth, we assure you.

What was the deal with those slaps on the wrists then?

Well, seems like since Pattz and Stew are both totally rocking their side projects (and each other), no one really cares. And as we've told you, Robsten's survived their own tensions, knew they would.

"Some people think Rob and Kristen should just get it all out in the open," dishes our insider source. Oh, and the "some people" refer to Robsten's closest handlers, we're told.

So does that mean a love confirmation is on the way? Not exactly. Says Deep Twi:

"Even though people around [Rob and Kristen] have no problem telling them what they think is best for their relationship and career, what they want to reveal is ultimately up to them."

We all know by now Robsten likes to keep their stuff on the DL. But hey, that's fine! Just as we know all's good in the hood.

But—get this—Summit still has a muzzle on part of the cast.

We tried to crack Twilight castmember (who's more extra-status) BooBoo Stewart at a recent event in L.A. to get the lowdown with Robsten, and he said, or rather signaled, he wasn't allowed to say squat.

He literally zipped his lips when we asked him a question about the dynamic duo, then continued to tell us he "couldn't say anything" when asked any question that mentioned R.Pattz or K.Stew.

Tragic! We're in store for a boring Eclipse press tour if the cast is going to be even more mum than New Moon.

But hey, if Robsten's London and New York love tour showed us anything, it's that when they're together they will find time to sneak off...which is when we love Kristen and Rob best, duh.


See how it all began in the Rob & Kristen Romance Diary gallery.

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