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Usually a wardrobe malfunction means a nipple slip or something embarrassing like that, but for Lady Gaga, it almost meant DEATH! And also a full body search at the airport. But don't worry, little monsters, Gaga is a survivor.

According the The Sun, it all started on a transatlantic flight where a pair of Alexander McQueen shoes "brought on the early stages of the potentially deadly deep vein thrombosis." So Gaga took off her shoes and problem solved. Close call!

But then there was more travel dramz at LAX...

Gaga showed up in a veil and gross hairy boots. Security reportedly asked her to remove the veil, but she wasn't having it—probably mentioning something about how sad it would make her fans. So they escorted her to a private room for a full body search. No big deal, Gaga is used to having people tear off her clothes, and it was only 15 minutes until she was on her way to New Zealand.

We just hope they confiscated these boots—they look like some kind of health hazard.


It's like a Gaga holiday around here today! Watch her new video "Telephone" here.

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