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Did we say how much we love Joan Jett, already? Oh, well too bad 'cause we're going to say it again. She's awesome.

We all know by now The Runaways film features a sultry splash of some girl-on-girl action between Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning and we couldn't help but note while watching the fantastic flick how same-sex sexuality is much different when it comes guys than girls.

Why is that? Is it not way more acceptable, hot, and trendy in society today for girls to fool around with each otherbut is so not OK for guys to do the same?

Hear Joan and Kristen weigh in on this touchy taboo:

"It's because [guys] want to watch girls," Joan said super chill at The Luxe hotel, dressed in a black halter and black pants. "Because men still rule the world. They want their girlfriends to f—k a girl for them. But if the girls are just into each other, then they get bored and they're like no, no, no. I got to be involved in this."

Too funny. Too true!

We were dying to see if Kristen agreed with Joan, but had a little misstep—literally—when approaching our favorite gal.

Taryn Ryder completely tripped and fell when walking up to Stewart to get her thoughts on Jett's comment. After Kristen, laughing and sweet as can be, gave an "OMG" and helped her up (adding that the clumsiness happens to her too, mind you), we went in for the kill before her publicist could try and stop us.

"Man, I can't talk right now but I wish you asked that question [during the roundtable]," Kristen said concerning society's approval of bisexuality when it comes to women, not men.

How about you give us a thumbs up or nod your head if you agree that there's this big double standard of sexuality when it comes to guys and girls?

"I'm nodding. I'm definitely nodding," Kristen shouted as she left the room.

Fascinating, both Joan and Kristen totally the sexist state of things. Knew we liked them for a reason.

So, look, America, maybe it's time you answered, as well:

Sure, no big deal for the gals to do it same-sex, right?

Just look at Lindsay Lohan, Angelina Jolie, and Megan Fox (who may just talk the sexy talk). They've had their dalliances with women, but heavens forbid a man should come clean about doing the same thing!

If Toothy Tile stepped out with Grey Goose, the media and fans alike would have a fit. Hypothetically speaking, if Kristen and Dakota did the same? It would just be hot, hot, hot in everyone's minds.

That's just twisted.


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