The Runaways, Dakota Fanning, Kristen Stewart

The new film The Runaways is really all about "sex, drugs and rock and roll," as Joan Jett told us today at the Luxe Hotel for the film's junket. (Also, it's a must-see, totally cool.)

Let's hit sex first: We all know by now that stars Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning share a big wet kiss onscreen, but that isn't the only racy thing this film has to offer. With Dakota snorting drugs off the floor and spewing some foul language, it's clear this film is a huge departure from the squeaky-clean New Moon, where everyone's celibate and mopey.

Not exactly family fare here, folks.

So what do Stewart and Fanning's own parents think about their babies going at it onscreen? We asked:

How do your parents feel about watching you act out some of these sexual and drug-infested situations? Is it hard for them?
"One of the first movies I ever did was a pretty intense subject matter, so my parents have kind of gotten used to it by now. They know it's just acting. They know it doesn't come home with me."
Kristen: [To Dakota.] "Do you find that it's gotten easier [for our parents]? Because I find that it has."

Kristen: "I was more nervous about it when I was younger, and it was a slow wearing down of like, 'OK, Kristen's going to do what she's going to do. She's just going to do these movies.' Not that they were against it; I just sort of took away that projection. I sort of didn't care anymore, you know, 'Are you guys cool with this?' "

Kristen and Dakota really grew up in the limelight, so we're sure their parental units have to be OK with some of the raunchy stuff. If not, let's hold hands and pray they get there 'cause The Runaways is gonna be a tough one to swallow.

But let's not overshadow the fact that these two gals give amazing performances as Joan and Cherie Currie—and after you get past the shock factor that you're watching Kristen and Dakota, you find yourself totally enthralled in the flick. Great stuff.

Still, as much as best buddies K and D loved portraying these rock stars, they aren't quite ready to give up their day jobs.

Both women gave an emphatic "no" when we asked if they would like to sing on future projects.


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