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Good news, America. Our awesome Thursday-night comedy block on NBC is safe for another season! NBC just announced that it's giving out early pickups to Community, The Office and 30 Rock. The network had already announced that Parks & Recreation was coming back for another year, so yay for keeping two straight hours of excellent comedy programming on our calendars for the time being.

But what do the stars say about this big news? Here's what our faves had to say about their continued employment, along with the must-see completely and totally awesome video of the Community cast getting the pickup news:

Video credit: https://twitter.com/danharmon/status/10047164144

Community's Yvette Nicole Brown tweeted, "We just got called into the make-up trailer and told that WE GOT PICKED UP FOR A SECOND SEASON!!! Yay! More #Community next year, guys! :)"

And her Community costar Danny Pudi tweeted, "Drizzle drizzle! NBC picked us up for Season 2 of Greendale shennanigans. Thank YOU for watching and Thank YOU cast/crew for the best job!" And Abed's partner in crime, played by the supercool Don Glover, tweeted, "Community just got picked up for a second season. BITCHES!...P.S. Thanks to the fans for watching. You guys are the s--t."

Oh, Danny and Don, you are quite welcome, and thank you in return for making the show. (Hee.)

As for the rest of you fankids out there, stay tuned to this space for more Twitter breaks from the casts of Community, 30 Rock and The Office as they react to NBC's recent good decision. (And isn't it nice that NBC is drifting back into a virtuous cycle where good choices are made and rewarded? It's not quite redemption, but it sure is the right track!)

Which of the four Thursday-night NBC comedies is your fave?

—Additional reporting by Megan Masters

(Originally published March 5, 2010, at 2:48 p.m. PST)


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