Between who gets snubbed, who walks away with the glory, and who knocks out or strikes out on the red carpet, the Academy Awards are always packed with some great *gasp* moments.

Was it really only a year ago that there was some necking action with Gary Busey, and George Clooney talked naughty with Giuliana, and Ryan Seacrest got served a knuckle sandwich?

Imagine what we're in for this year, with double the Best Picture nominees and Alec Baldwin in the mix. Grab your office-pool picks and get ready, 'cause here are 10 things you gotta know about Oscar night 2010:

1. There will be a lot of hot guys in penguin suits, but even hotter guys going against the grain.

2. Likewise, the ladies of Oscar night will prove whether they brought their A-game to this fashion showdown.

3. And just like us, E! Fashion Police cohost Joan Rivers can't wait to see what fashion faux pas the red carpet will bring.

4. Possible Sacha Baron Cohen Avatar spoof? James Cameron wants it and so do we!

5. Should your TV explode, Twitter will be a surefire way to follow the awards and keep up with celebs' reactions.

6. Simon Monjack will show off his new figure when representing the late Brittany Murphy during the in-memoriam tribute.

7. As amazing as Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep are, a lot of people would love to see Gabourey Sidibe win a gold statue.

8. The big battle! Avatar vs. The Hurt Locker! Who's going to win Best Picture? Wait, there are eight other nominees?!

9. Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin will be mastering the hosting duties (sorry, Sacha), hopefully producing double the laughs—unless Baldwin is in the hospital.

10. Robert Pattinson won't make it to Oscar night, but no worries, Twi-hards. Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are presenting.

Now be sure to catch Ryan Seacrest, Giuliana Rancic, Jay Manuel and Ben Lyons on Live from the Red Carpet today @ 6 ET/3 PT!


Forgot who's nominated? Freshen up with our 2010 Oscars: Notable Nominees gallery.

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