Hayden Panettiere

Christopher Pearson/Getty Images, Jason LaVeris/Getty Images, AP Photo/Matt Sayles, Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Somebody save this Hero!

Hayden Panettiere attended a Haven360 bash celebrating The Cove's Oscar nom last night in La-La Land, and we finally got a good look at her latest 'do: long, reddish-brown tresses. This makes it, oh, the umpteenth style change for the Heroes star in the last year?

We're all for experimenting, but these drastic switcheroos are getting a little out of control. It's reached the point where we don't know what to expect the next time Ms. Identity Crisis steps out.

So Hayd, we suggest you find one style and stick to it. Live with it for a while and you might even start to like it. (We also recommend that it be the wavy bob—it's sassy and cute.)

But enough about us, it's your turn to weigh in below.

Hayden's Hair Diary
Which style should Hayden Panettiere settle on?
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