The Bachelor, Jake Pavelka


Just because this season of The Bachelor is over doesn't mean we're free of fake-ass-kissing Jake Pavelka and totally honest Vienna.

The made-for-each-other twosome, currently engaged, have been spotted all over the friggin' place on their tour de press, showing off their "love" (and Neil Lane engagement diamond, courtesy of ABC) for everyone to lap up. Us, too! We hate ourselves for admitting this.

Now, Jake wasn't exactly our favorite Bachelor—his mild-mannered nature was totally blah. And since the finale aired, we must tell you that many of the girls that were so desperately vying for Jake's attention have been happy to chat about the show. To us!

One contestant had a very physical observation about Jake's size, which, despite all those babes who lie about the subject, totally matters. Right?

So agrees our Bachelor babe who was lucky enough to get cozy 'n' stuff with Jakey, but who, in the end, got booted. Here's the girl's report:

"He is so small!" complained our inside source about Jake.

Yikes! Meaning he's sex-tape ready or somethin'?

"No," corrected our Jake-dater (who, by the by, was one of the more colorful contestants from this season). "I mean, he's so short. Like, really short."

Turns out this hunk is about 5 feet 7 inches, according to online records.

"More like five-five or five-six," said another TV glamazon who has worked very closely with Jake, though hasn't dated him. "It's really apparent when you meet him."

And we thought former Bachelor Jason Mesnick looked short, and he's 6 feet tall! Damn, TV distorts it all, huh?

But don't think Mr. P's stature is getting in his big-hair, big-air way: As we said before, Jake loves attention—we were not surprised in the least that he will be competing on Dancing With the Stars this season.

Jake's partner will be 5-foot-2-inch dancer Chelsie Hightower. Guess little Jake will look tall next to the petite 19-year-old.

An edgy indie flick with Mary-Kate Olsen is no doubt next.


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