Michael C. Hall, Dexter

Randy Tepper/Showtime

Want to know what happens next after one of the most shocking deaths ever on television?

Me too! And that's in part the reason why I'm moderating tomorrow night's Dexter event at the Paley Festival, where the cast and crew will be in attendance. (The other reason? I. Love. This. Show.)

Departing show runner Clyde Phillips told me a few months back that Dexter's writers and producers would be reconvening right about now to start breaking out storylines for season five.

Will Dexter keep the kids, Astor, Cody and Harrison? If not, where will they go? Will Deb find out Dex's secret? Is there any chance that that last shot of Rita was a dream? It's all about to be decided.

So if you want to make a plea for something you'd love to see happen—or not happen—on Dexter, please sound off in the comments below or email me at tvdiva@eonline.com. As you know, anything can happen since Dexter's life, and family, was  completely ripped apart at the end of season four. So here is your chance to pitch your dream Dexter!

I'd also love any and all questions you have for the cast (they'll all be there with the exception of James Remar) and/or the producers. You can post them below, or again, email me.

Thanks and I hope to see some of you tomorrow night! The rest of you should check back for the scoop...

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