Conan O'Brien, Lorne Michaels

Paul Drinkwater/NBC; Mary Ellen Matthews / NBC

Just because he pitches for the losing team doesn't mean Lorne Michaels doesn't cheer for his former players.

The Saturday Night Live creator and executive producer may work for NBC, but he feels his past employee Conan O'Brien is "just brilliant" and has an "amazing character," he told the Hollywood Reporter.

In other words, while he didn't say anything about Jay Leno inducing nausea, he agrees with the outspoken Howard Stern on at least one issue.

After early struggles, Conan prevailed, "and I'm sure he will again," Michaels said.

He also agrees with Howard that Conan did "not necessarily" have the best of lead-ins following Leno's 10 p.m. spot, but thinks some of the issue may stem from promising the redhead the gig so far in advance.

"You can't tell someone that you want to stay married for five years" and then get a divorce, he said.


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