Caught! Is Starbucks Renée's New Boyfriend?

What void is Ms. Zellweger replacing with coffee?

By Ted Casablanca Mar 03, 2010 5:15 PMTags
Renee ZellwegerFame Pictures Inc.

Renée Zellweger was seen getting her drink on at Starbucks in Beverly Hills. Stopping for brew is a pretty standard part of anyone's day, but we're starting to see R.Z. with a cup of coffee more than that supposed boyfriend of hers!

R.Z. was dressed casual and incognito in workout gear as she sat outside with said Starbucks drink in hand.

Glad to know the actress is working on something (even if it is exercise), since the only thing on her résumé nowadays seems to be Bradley Cooper.

But why the long face?

We're told by our coffee eyes that Renée looked quite serious as she sat in her chair outside with dark sunglasses covering her face.

"It looked like she was deep in thought," describes our eyewitness.

Hmmm, wonder what about?

Either way, we hear Zellweger almost looked "too skinny" as she briefly hung at the java shop. Geez, is The Coop giving his petite gal too good of a workout at home? Nah...that's doubtful.

A couple gaining a little more experience down South were...

Ice-T and Coco, who were spotted having din-din at STK Miami Beach.

T was rocking—what else—a crisp white suit while hanging at the trendy eatery, while Coco sported something much more signature and trashy.

The big-booty babe donned painted-on tight jeans and a very revealing top, even by South Beach standards. The happy-happy couple quenched their thirst with lychee martinis, while Ice-T fed his ladylove from their shrimp cocktail. As if that was enough, though—this isn't L.A., people!

T and Coco then shared his big meat (a filet mignon), a little salad and some mac and cheese. After getting their grub on, the oodles-of-fun duo headed over to Coco de Ville because they were so ready to "have a good time."

Could you imagine Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck announcing that when leaving a restaurant, any restaurant?

Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder and Martin Haro


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