Caught! Ryan Phillippe Shops for Condoms!

Recently single, the yummy star is seen browsing for protection at an LA pharmacy

By Ted Casablanca, Taryn Ryder Mar 02, 2010 4:58 PMTags
Ryan PhillippeMOE/Fame Pictures

Ryan Phillippe was spotted at the CVS off of La Cienega Boulevard in West Hollywood recently, and the sexy dad must be enjoying his semi-newfound single life.

Abbie Cornish's ex beau was aimlessly wandering around the pharmacy until he found the aisle he was looking for...the condom, aisle, natch.

"There he was—just browsing through the condoms," reports our star-struck source. "He seemed really nervous. After looking through them for a while he just dropped his basket on the floor and ran out of the store."

Shame, would have loved to know his box of choice, wouldn't you?

Perhaps the deelish Cruel Intentions star knew he was being watched, but WTF, Ryan, better to be safe than sorry, er, embarrassed.

Our spy 'fesses Ry (who was "really hot") looked like he had some over the counter medicine in his basket before dropping it all. Blame it on the drowsy meds for his weird behavior perhaps?

Let's just hope the yummy partier is prepared somehow, 'cause Phillippe is more on the prowl than ever! We doubt the protection was for some makeup sex with Abbie.

A slightly more family=friendly outing over the weekend was...

Amy Adams shopping with fiancé Darren Legallo.

The couple were out 'n' about Sunday afternoon on Robertson Boulevard, stopping in the All Saints Spitafields clothing store.

"Amy looked very pregnant and very happy," describes a fellow shopper. "She was trying on clothes as her fiancé, Darren, gave feedback."

Adorable! Glad one couple seems to be happy in Hollywood.

Adams, wearing jeans and a T-shirt with her hair pulled back in a ponytail, was seen trying on some of the store's edgy, flowy tops to cover her baby bump but left the dressing room empty handed, opting to help her fiancé shop for clothes in the men's section instead.

Additional reporting by Aly Weisman


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