Spoiler Chat: Who Is Jack's Baby Mama on Lost?

Julie Bowen and producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse weigh in; plus, scoop on Grey's Anatomy, Modern Family and more

By Kristin Dos Santos Mar 02, 2010 1:00 AMTags
Julie Bowen, Evangeline Lilly, Elizabeth Mitchell, LostABC/Mario Perez

In case you haven't heard, Julie Bowen is made of 100 percent Awesome Sauce.

How do I know this? She actually threw her purse and gasped when I asked her the question on every Lost fan's mind: Who is the mother of Jack's (Matthew Fox) just-revealed son? (You gotta love a girl who loses her cool—especially when it comes to Lost!)

So who is the baby mama? Is it Julie's character Sara? Or Kate? Or Juliet? Rose? (OK, probably not.)

Keep reading for what a "scandalized" Julie (and see the purse toss!), as well as what executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have to say. Plus, much more scoop on shows like Modern Family, 90210, Grey's Anatomy and more...

Randy in New York: The mother of Jack's son David has to be Sarah (Julie Bowen), right? 

Sorry, love, but I have it on good authority that was not Julie in the photo. And the evidence is very much stacked against Julie Bowen being the mom:

  • Exhibit A: Julie was clearly shocked to learn that Jack now has a son (see video above) when I talked to her at Friday's Paley Festival for Modern Family. "Wait a minute, that's my idea! Because I was so pregnant [when I last shot]! And you know what? I said that. I said, 'this baby should be Jack's.' And it is? [Gasps.] I am scandalized. Well, well, well. I am procreating here, there and everywhere. On celluloid and not." (She has three kids under the age of 3!)
  • Exhibit B: Julie said she currently has no plans to return to Lost, and if they wanted her to come back for the mama reveal, she'd have to know by now, right? "I'm kind of busy," she said. "But I'm not too busy. I'm not too busy! Don't get me wrong, I would love to go back."
  • Exhibit C: A deal would have to be in place for Julie to return, given that the finale script is being written right now. Damon Lindelof says: "We're enjoying Julie so much on Modern Family that to suck her back into the despair of Jack's life..." Ah, we got it. Score one for Clive! Looks like he gets to keep her.

All that said, Damon and Carlton told fans at the Paley event that the mother of Jack's son is someone we already know. And you know what that means? The comments section is yours for the taking! Juliet seems the obvious choice since David has blue eyes (and it'd be kinda awesome if she divorced Jack and then met Sawyer for that coffee), and Kate seems too young to have mothered him. But is there someone else we're forgetting? I am thinking of another certain someone who was on the show and seems a contender. I'll tell you who in tomorrow night's Lost Redux.

ABC/Danny Feld

Mallory in Portland, Ore.: I think this Addison-Sam romance on Private Practice is the dumbest thing that's ever happened on that show. Is it over soon?
All we can tell you is what Kate Walsh told us at the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation event in New York when we asked for her personal opinion of the Sam-Addy storyline: "Yeah, it's pretty polarizing, but I can't even comment on it. I'm too embroiled in the character. I like where it goes though." Mmm...

Kelly in Bridgeport, Conn.: So excited about Neil Patrick Harris joining Glee. Is there any chance his one-off guest stint could be extended for more than one episode?
We're totally secretly hoping the exact same thing! See, we happen to believe that Neil Patrick Harris has superpowers and that he can perform feats beyond those of mortal men, like, oh, starring on two TV shows at once. OK, realistically, it probably wouldn't happenHIMYM needs Barney and has first dibs on NPH's superpowersbut when we saw him at the Audi event last night we did ask Cory Monteith about this idea anyway. Could NPH appear more than once on Glee? Said Cory, "I seriously have no idea! I'd like him to. I'm an honest person, so [the producers] keep me in the dark and tell me as little as possible." Awww, darn you and your truth-tellin' ways!

Jenna in Henderson, Nev.: Any word on who will and will not be back on the second season of Glee?
Apparently the cast has to wait for this dreaded thing called "The Letter" to find out who's coming back for more Glee, and as of now, Jessalyn Gilsig (Terri) is among those still a-waitin'. "You have to get a thing called a letter. It's always like, 'Did I get my letter today?!' " I don't think anybody got a letter yet. So, I'm on my best behavior!" For now, Jessalyn tells us Terri is past the whole baby-snatching thing. "It's not working, she's moving on."

Matthew in Baltimore: Any ETA on how, when or if the two timelines on Lost will come together?
We can answer the "how" and "if" portion of your question with something Carlton Cuse told us this weekend: "We have two timelines we're exploring simultaneously, and when the audience understands how those two timelines connect, hopefully it will provide a satisfaction that will make you happy and give you what you want but not in the way you want it." As for that tricky "when," he'd only say this: "It's too much of a reveal, but let's say it won't happen until the very end of the show because that's obviously the big question of the season." Basically, plan on seeing lots of island Jack and Jack the Dad in episodes to come.

Marcus in Mass.: Do you know anything at all about the Lost finale? Anything?!
Those Lost folks stay so tight-lipped, but we did get show writer Elizabeth Sarnoff to say a word or two about the finale, and she gave us these: emotional and rewarding. "The end is really emotional, and that's what we're going for. These characters are the heart and soul of the show and we want to give them rewarding endings," explained Liz. Damon Lindelof, on the other hand, had only this to say regarding Lost's conclusion: "Water." And trust us, he was very serious about whatever this word means for the end. "It sounds funny now, but you'll see!" he promised.

Maggie in Helena, Mont.: This Richard Alpert episode of Lost can't come soon enough. Anything you can say about it?
We'll let Nestor Carbonell do the talking: "You're going to see mostly the origins of Richard in [episode nine]. They're going to tackle some of the present-day stuff on the island, but not much of it. You're going to get answers to why Richard has this sudden phobia of Locke and why it's as strong as it is." And there you have it.


Jean in Sioux Falls, S.D.: Grey's Anatomy, please.
In next week's Chandra Wilson-directed episode, tensions between former chief Richard and new chief Derek continue to rise when the latter decides Owen is better suited for a specialized surgery. Something tells us this rivalry will not end well! And since it is her very own episode, Bailey will nervously head on another date with sexy Ben. 

Kevin in Bronx, N.Y.: What's happening on House?
Chase is ready to mend that broken heart and heads back onto the dating scene when House returns next week. And in the same episode, That '70s Show alumna Laura Prepon guest stars as a patient who rocks House and Wilson's world a bit when the issue of privacy arises. 

Jackie in San Antonio, Texas: So what's the news about One Tree Hill?
Stephen Colletti
is back! He told us at the Lucky for Lupus event, "I'm actually working on One Tree Hill right now. I just got done shooting an episode today, in fact. And we're getting up to the finale, which takes place in Park City. We shoot that next week, and there are some changes in relationships and changes in peoples' lives. We're going to blow it up. It's going to be awesome."

Roger Wong/INFphoto.com

Melody in North Hollywood, Calif.: What's the latest with Serena's dad on Gossip Girl?
I just talked to Stephanie Savage and will bring you couples scoop in a jiffy! In the meantime, "When you think about the Humphreys and Van Der Woodsens and that extended family that they have, [Serena's father] coming back really lands on everybody in a great way. It definitely causes drama for Serena and Eric and the other kids, and there's an adult component with Rufus and Lily, because there's some backstory there." And according to Matthew Settle, Billy Baldwin as Papa van der Woodsen is a great addition to Gossip Girl. Settle told us at the G-Star Raw event in New York City: "It's a great love triangle. Billy's got a great energy; he's a good actor. It's believable that he would be Serena's father, and he's a great fit for the show. It's really good casting."

Gregory in Minneapolis, Minn.: Will Rufus and Lily's son Scott be around when Gossip Girl returns?
We've seen the last of Scott for now, Stephanie said. "[He's] done for this season, but he can absolutely come back next season."

Ilene in Tempe, Ariz.: I need to see some new Modern Family soon or it might just be the end of me.
Don't check out just yet because there is some seriously funny stuff ahead. Says show runner Steve Levitan: "Phil's ex girlfriend (Judy Greer) is coming to town who he reacquaints with through Facebook, Claire wants to take the perfect family portrait [and] Phil and Gloria might end up on the Kiss Cam of a Lakers game." And if that's not enough, Eric Stonestreet has you covered. "Cameron is going to play the drums soon," Eric tells us. "He joins Dylan's rock band for a moment. The writers do not disappoint!"

Joey in Alberta, Canada: Modern Family! Anything fun coming up from Mitchell and Cam?
Little Lily says her first word this week...and her daddies are none too pleased with her selection. Any guesses as to what she'll mumble? Hint: It's very maternal.

Michael Desmond/The CW

Diana in Memphis, Tenn.: I'm so ready for 90210 goodness. What's coming up the next couple of months?
For AnnaLynne McCord, it's going to be a lot of 90210 badness! We chatted the actress up at the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation event and she told us, "The finale is always brutal for Naomi. It's always the worst thing in the world. She has it horrible! The last thing of the finale is Naomi's face, and it's really bad. What happens to her is awful. So I kinda feel like there will be some downward spiral in a way for Naomi's character, but she's good at covering, so she'll still have that façade. But you're really gonna feel bad for her at the end of this episode."

Perry in Milwaukee, Wis.: Naomi and Liam are my favorite 90210 couple. Any scoop on them together?
Yes! AnnaLynne told us there's a lot of Naomi-Liam goodness to come on 90210. She said, "Matt Lanter and I have so much fun together. We love working together. There are some hysterical moments that I don't recommend 16-year-olds doing at home, one of which where Naomi shows up with a trench coat and, well, nothing else...'cause that's smart." Does that work out for her? "It works out! Oh, it works out quite well."

Pam in Kentwood, La.: I can't wait for 90210 to finally return, and I'm really interested in the Rumer Willis-Jessica Lowndes storyline. What can we expect?
When it comes to the budding Gia-Adrianna romance, you can expect tons of good things. Rumer and Jessica actually have loads of chemistry, and while their attraction to each other seems to develop a little quickly, this is one 90210 storyline we're fully onboard with. Adrianna and Gia bond over mutual sobriety, then music and movies and ice cream, and pretty soon, they're in young love. Before the two move ahead, Ade will question her sexuality and turn to her besties for help. The consensus? She's not gay, just has a connection with Gia.

Gurtegh in Brampton, Ontario, Canada: Please tell me there is some scoop on Melrose Place!
star Shaun Sipos tells us, "Without getting in trouble, I'll say that there's a thing with my character, Amanda's character and Katie's character involving a stolen painting and someone's gonna go to jail by the end of the season."

Karen Neal / ABC

Isaac in Georgia: I'm an old-school Ugly Betty fan, and I always thought that Betty and Henry were meant to be together in the end. Any chance that's going to happen before the end of the show this spring?
We just talked with Christopher Gorham himself at USA's Character Approved Awards in New York and asked whether or not Betty and Henry were going to end up being Ugly Betty's one true pairing. He told us, "I always thought that [Betty and Henry] were meant to be together, but it's out of my hands." We thought he sounded pretty defeated as he said this, so maybe don't hold your collective breath for a series-ending Suarez-Grubstick wedding? Sorry, guys.

Teresa in Kentucky: How will Betty end?
I'm told that Hilda will have a shower in London, and Betty, Hilda and Christina all end up drinking together. (It was shot on a green screen.) So it sorta sounds like what I'd reported before might be true, that Betty chooses none of the boys and goes solo to a "far off land." Also, Justin kisses a boy.

Cecily in Miami: Scoop me some LUX! I love that show!
Lovely Life Unexpected star Shiri Appleby told us at the Pamella Roland show in New York: "A lot of the lies that we've been covering up bubble and come up to the surface in the next few episodes, and that changes a lot of the living situations. I think some of those lies are going to come out, and Cate's gonna get some of the stuff she deserves."

Amanda, via Twitter: Finally! A fresh episode of The Good Wife. Any big surprises that are in the episode that we won't see coming?
The Good Wife? More like the Great Wife! Right? Because it's such a great show? No? Anyway, the next episode, entitled "Bang," will focus on Peter (Chris Noth) dealing with his house arrest. He spends his at-home days trying to find the person responsible for those doctored photos. Of course, when you dig for something, you get dirty. Uncovering those secrets means mucking up the Florrick family household. You want a surprise? How about the fact that Twitter is the source of such mucking in future episodes? And not just for Peter and Alicia (Julianna Margulies)...Oh, and get ready for the introduction of Eli Gold (Alan Cumming) as Peter's image repairer. It's awesome.

NBC Photo: Greg Gayne

Paloma in Virginia: Chuck me! What do we have to look forward to when Chuck returns with new episodes?
Someone else is going to discover Chuck's secret. The good news is that Awesome will finally have someone to confide in; the bad news is that Chuck's secret is dangerous and could get this person killed.

Jessie in Montreal: Pam and Jim are having their baby this Thursday on The Office! Have you seen it yet? What do we have to look forward to?
All I'm going to say (at least until we cover the Jam baby in more depth later this week), is that Thursday's episode of The Office is shipper-tastic. Pam and Jim are wonderful, of course, but there is also serious progress on the Dwight-Angela and Andy-Erin fronts. You'll love it. BTW, if John Krasinski doesn't finally get an Emmy nomination for his touching, hilarious work in this episode, there is absolutely no justice in awards season!

Penelope in Michigan: So excited that Parks and Recreation is back this week. Scoop, please!
All you Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) fans are going to swoon when he stands up for Leslie against some idiosyncratic feminists. Who knew that Ron would be key to fulfilling the girl-power premise of the show!?

Celia in Utica, New York: I know it's early, but do you have any scoop on Mad Men?
Yes, in this Thursday's episode of Mad Men, Don Draper puts the moves on Trudy Campbell. Oh wait, that's actually happening on Community. Danny Pudi's Abed plays the role of Don Draper, Alison Brie plays the role of Trudy Campbell. You'll see...Oh, and did we mention that in this week's episode of Community Joel McHale starts out looking sexy in a leather jacket and ends up looking sexy-silly in his birthday suit? Yes, Joel McHale, naked, NBC, 8 p.m., Thursday. Be there.

Elana in Annapolis, Md.: Any news yet on Royal Pains season two? I miss my Lawson boys!
We just caught up with Hank Lawson himself, Mark Feuerstein, at USA's Character Approved Awards, and he told us, "We start shooting season two at the end of March. We have a new member of the castit's Henry Winkler, my favorite actor and character from my childhood, the Fonz. He's playing [Hank and Evan's] dad, who is a heel and a cad and a man who ran away with our money. It should be very interesting, [because Winkler] seems like the nicest guy on the planet." As for Hank's other half, Evan R. Lawson (Paolo Constanzo), we asked Pains costar Reshma Shetty if Divya and Evan might get romantic in season two and she told us, "That's an interesting question. I don't know. I think Evan annoys her to no end, but there's a softer side to him that I think she gets to see more than anybody else gets to see...My vote is to get a really hot, handsome guy to come in before him. You know, like a Joseph Fiennes or somebody. We'll make Evan jealous, and then we'll go there."

Katerina from Easthampton, Mass.: Will we ever find out who is in the body bags on Breaking Bad, or are we to just assume that they are faceless victims of the plane crash?
The body bags on Walt's (Bryan Cranston) driveway contain two (or more—yikes!) of the 167 air-disaster fatalities. Turns out the Whites' house was smack-dab in the middle of the debris field and, as Walt screams to a cop before his hilarious arrest (spoiler!) in this season's second episode, "Hellfire rained down on my house...There were body parts in my yard!" For more about Walt's close ties to the Grim Reaper, come back here the day of Breaking Bad's season-three premiere, Sunday, March 21, for our exclusive chat with show runner Vince Gilligan.

Kerri from Dallas: Saving Grace finally returns March 29! Any scoop on the final season?
You'd think everyone would be happy that Grace (Holly Hunter) and Neely (Yaani King) miraculously survived—unscathed—their 12-story plunge, right? Not so much. Earl is one melancholy angel, and Grace's bro, Father John (Tom Irwin) predicts a "s--tstorm of repercussions" from the miracle. Saving Grace ventures into Lost territory in the first ep, with a sexy time-traveling harbinger of doom and some "faith healing" to Grace's body. As for romance, it looks like both Ham and Rhetta (Laura San Giacomo) are really moving on. If that's not enough, another angel has joined the party, seriously cramping Earl's style.  

—Additional reporting by Drusilla Moorhouse, Megan Masters, Dahvi Shira, Jenna Mullins, Breanne L. Heldman, Taryn Ryder and Jennifer Godwin