Link Party: John Mayer Apologizes for Being an A-hole...Again

Still not over that Playboy interview? It's OK, John understands; here's another "I'm sorry"

By Jennifer Cady Feb 26, 2010 9:45 PMTags

John Mayer is still on his National Apology Tour. Last night he told his audience at Madison Square Garden, "Never, ever, in my entire life did I ever think that it would be a good idea to be an a--hole. But you know what? There's plenty of a--holes who think the same thing, so I have to thank you." Maybe Tiger Woods should take apology lessons from this guy.

You guys are never going to believe this, but Courtney Love has been twittering some pretty crazy stuff recently.

It's pretty much impossible to take James Franco seriously, especially when he's making his sexy face as he climbs out of a lake completely clothed.

Lady Gaga's security guard dude does not look amused by the tree growing out of her head.

• Avril Lavigne brought her ex-husband to the Alice in Wonderland premiere. It looked like they had so much fun and it wasn't uncomfortable at all.

Have you noticed all those Haiti charity songs have been lacking a good amount of Johnny Depp? All fixed now.


Nicole Richie is rocking some crazy glasses in our Big Pic gallery.