Brittany Murphy's Hubby: I Always Said She Didn't Take Drugs

Simon Monjack considers himself "vindicated" following final autopsy report

By Natalie Finn, Whitney English Feb 26, 2010 9:00 PMTags
Brittany Murphy, Simon MonjackM. Tran/Getty Images

Simon Monjack is ready to let Brittany Murphy's legacy speak for itself now.

Citing the autopsy report released Thursday that stated the actress had no history of drug abuse, Monjack says that the rumors to the contrary can finally stop and the family can get on with their mourning.

"I am very pleased that all of the rumors that had dogged Brittany while she was alive have been ended by this report," he told E! News Friday.

"Obviously it does not take away any of the pain or heartache; but knowing that after a decade her name has been cleared of drug and alcohol use and that she was not anorexic would mean the world to her."

"The report did not even raise the subject of plastic surgery, as this was another ridiculous rumor that was fabricated to explain the turning of an adolescent to a beautiful adult," Monjack continued. "To be accused every week of things that are not true is a terrible thing to live with.  I hope now she can be left to rest in peace and that this awful and devastating tragedy may lead to more responsible journalism."

In a statement to RadarOnline last night, Monjack had gone so far as to call himself the "most maligned man in America."

A title never really pinned on him, but we're glad he feels better.

"As far as Sharon [Murphy, Brittany's mom] and I are concerned there is little solace in vindication when your family has been ripped apart," he told E!.  "We struggle every day to make sense of it. I hope people can now stop making up sensationalist stories about me, in particular, and allow us to mourn the loss of our angel."

The final autopsy report confirmed that Murphy died of a combination of complications from pneumonia and anemia, as well as multiple drug intoxication.

Monjack had insisted that his wife didn't suffer from anorexia and that an autopsy would not uncover any illegal drugs in her system.

The only substances the coroner found were prescription meds or over-the-counter cold remedies.

(Originally published Feb. 25, 2010, at 7:25 p.m. PT)


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