Andrew Koenig's Father: "My Son Took His Own Life"

"Obviously he was in a lot of pain," Walter Koenig said of Andrew, whose body was found today in Stanley Park

By Natalie Finn Feb 26, 2010 4:05 AMTags

Andrew Koenig's parents wish their son had realized how many people cared about him.

"My son took his own life," dad Walter Koenig said during a police news conference this evening. "Obviously, he was in a lot of pain."

Andrew's body was discovered by a group of friends who had organized their own search at noon Thursday in a densely wooded area of Vancouver's Stanley Park.

Walter said that Andrew considered the 1,000-acre landmark a second home. Police said that three search-and-rescue teams searched the area on Tuesday because they knew it was one of his favorite places, but found no trace of him.

Now that their son is gone, the actor's parents hope that others who suffer from depression will be encouraged to seek help.

"I have received hundreds of emails from people who said they are depressed and considering the same course of action or showed signs of the same behavior," Walter, who played Chekov on the original Star Trek, said.

"The only thing I will say is if you are one of these people and feel you can’t handle it anymore, I hope you learn from this. Know that there are people are out there who really care. It may not be enough, but before you make your final decision, check it out again, talk to somebody."

Added Andrew's mother, Judith: "People don't realize there is help. Families, familiarize yourself with these signs. Don't rationalize anything away. People have shown signs of love.

"In his pain, Andrew didn't realize what was available to him. He had much love and much to contribute. This is the only statement we are going to make. Please respect our privacy."

Vancouver Police Constable Jana McGuiness said that they do not suspect foul play. The investigation will now be turned over to the coroner's office.

"It's a devastating day for the family," McGuiness said, adding that there will be no comment on cause or time of death for the time being, due to the sensitivity of the matter.


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